Kennel Nose Dog Guide: How to Properly Treat It at Home! (2024)

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Many dog owners observe raw blue nose pitbull kennel spots on their dog’s dry nose and don’t what that actually means. They complain that their dogs rub noses every time. Dog owners often don’t know why their dogs do that and are it actually normal for their dogs? Or is there any reason behind it?

It is a very common condition in dogs. Getting a red nose spit on the dry nose is known as kennel’s nose in dogs. It’s even common with dogs that get good care, even in five-star doggie resorts. In this article, we will talk about why do dogs get kennel nose, what is the cause, and How it treat kennel nose in dogs.

Before jumping to the kennel nose treatment in dogs directly, first, it’s important to understand what the reason behind this condition is. Some dogs rub their nose generally; in that case, rubbing the dog runny nose may be an indication of some underlying issues. 

What Could Be the Cause Dogs Kennel Nose?

Dogs Kennel Nose

Here are some of the basic reasons for kennel nose in dogs:

Separation Anxiety

The first and very common reason for kennel rose in dogs is constantly rubbing their nose. When dogs are left alone at home for a long period of time, they start rubbing their dry nose on a rough surface. The dog who has separation anxiety shows such behavior. 

Change in Food

Dogs get easily comfortable with their everyday meal. The change in their everyday food could also be one of the reasons why dogs rub their dog’s nose anatomy. 

Dirty Face

While trying to clean floor surfaces, food, or different substances that stalled out in their fur, it is basic for dogs to rub their face or nose with the nearest accessible surface. This is also very common in other breeds of dogs like pugs and bulldogs etc. 

Behavior Instincts

Many dogs have some inborn instincts. The impulse mode of the dog gets higher when they are far away from their home or in boarding. Due to heredity, the dogs have impulses to hide their food in a protected spot away from different dogs and secure their reserve. You may see the dog playing joyfully at the loading-up pet hotel throughout the day, however, at dinner time, they attempt to cover their food in a flash under their bedding. During the time spent planting their food, they can get their dry dog nose to wound or be harmed.

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Dogs like to eat their food without any interference from other dogs. In the boarding, dogs get their different space where they can hide their food. 

– Pain/Discomfort

At times dogs rub their nose to mitigate the pain in light of the caught object inside their nose, ulcer, tooth contamination, or a honey bee sting or bug nibble. This makes them rub their nose constantly and cause kennel nose.

Itching in Dogs

The other reason dogs get kennel nose is because of itching. Dogs constantly rubbing their noses cause of kennel nose. All itching isn’t answerable for the worry, yet now and then the steady nose scouring may prompt a kennel nose in the dog in light of parasitic diseases, hypersensitivity, insects, or mites.

Since Prevention Is Superior to Cure

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Here we are attempting to furnish you with certain tips to keep your dogs from scouring their nose and getting a kennel cough runny nose

Prevent Separation Tension:

Since division nervousness is the significant reason behind the dogs getting Kennel nose, cause your dog to figure out how to be agreeable when they are left alone by following some basic hints:

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  • The most ideal approach to keep your cute friend agreeable while boarding is to make him constant isolated from you. 
  • Get him to join a neighborhood dog club and assist him with getting mingled. Attempt to make him habitual to being away from you. 
  • The business boarding kennel nose is not by any means the only choice for the dog owner to go for a vacation. 
  • If you feel that your dog feels most comfortable at home, then hiring a pet sitter would be a better option. 
  • You can also ask your friends family members or even neighbors to look after your dog? These choices will make the hour of your dog away from you a ton of upsetting. 
  • While packing for your dog, you ought to pack stuff that helps him to remember his family and home. This will cause him to feel greater with recognizable sights and scents. Try to pack your dog’s favorite stuff like his favorite toys, food, bed, etc. 
  • With companions, the dogs turn out to be less nostalgic. So before picking the alternative or facility for your dog, ensure that he will get adequate exercise and his doggie companions. 
  • The dog is more averse to getting focused and on edge when he is engaged. So send him with a portion of his most loved toys like riddle toys or apportioning balls. His favorite treats and toys will keep him happy and comfortable. This way he will feel less anxious. 
  • The less your dog feels uneasiness, the less he will rub his nose. This way the possibility of getting a kennel nose will be less.

Clean Your Dog’s Fur Every Once in a While:

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As you know, a messy or dirty face will make him rub his nose and get a kennel nose. So consistently cleaning their fur will help in checking their German nose scouring propensity.

How to Treat a Dogs Kennel Nose at Home?

All the preventions are worth it before the dog gets the kennel nose. Yet, in the wake of getting your dog with a pet hotel nose, the primary question that rings a bell is “The manner by which to treat Kennel nose in dogs at home.”

– For the kennel nose treatment, we suggest you keep cleaning your dogs rubbed ara with gentle soap or cleanser. Utilization of a warm washcloth 2 to 3 times for 5 minutes daily is helpful in kennel nose treatment.

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– After legitimate washing and drying it well, you ought to apply some anti-toxin or germ-free balm without steroids. Steroids often cause a delay in recovering the rubbed area. 

– Rub the balm gently. Please make sure that you are not applying a lot of balms as it might make your dog lick some of them. 

On the off chance that your dog isn’t giving indications of recovery or there is the advancement of fever, hunger misfortune, vomiting, and looseness of the bowels in your dog, we propose you counsel your veterinarian right away. Additionally, talk with your veterinarian when the spot gets hot, red, and challenging.

How much does it cost to leave a dog in a kennel?

The average cost of kennels is between $30 and $50 per night, while most pet owners spend $40. Weekly boarding prices start at $150, while monthly prices average $500.

How Much Does It Cost to Board a Dog for 5 Days?

Dog kennels cost between $100 and $125 to retire your dog on a 5-day rate. Dog daycare is included free in most boarding packages, and you can pay more to play or cuddle and enjoy.

Dog Kennel Prices

Dog house prices average $25 to $55 per night.

Dog Boarding Cost

The average cost of kennels is between $30 and $50 per night, while most pet owners spend $40. Weekly boarding prices start at $150, while monthly prices average $500. The best retirement option for your dog depends largely on what is available in your area and your personal preferences.


In conclusion, kennel nose, or nasal hyperkeratosis, is a condition that affects many dogs, especially those kept in dry or harsh environments. While it is not usually a serious condition, it can cause discomfort and should be treated promptly. By following the home treatment options and prevention tips outlined in this article, you can help keep your dog’s nose healthy and prevent the development of a kennel nose. Remember to consult your veterinarian if you have any concerns or if your dog’s symptoms persist or worsen.


Can a kennel nose be cured completely?

While kennel nose can be managed effectively with proper treatment, it may not be completely cured in some cases. However, regular maintenance and care can help keep the condition under control.

Is kennel nose painful for dogs?

Kennel nose can be uncomfortable for dogs, especially if the nose becomes dry, cracked, or irritated. Providing proper treatment can help alleviate discomfort and prevent further complications.

Can kennel nose lead to other health problems?

In some cases, untreated kennel nose can lead to secondary infections or other complications. It is important to monitor your dog’s condition and seek veterinary care if you notice any signs of infection or worsening symptoms.

Are certain dog breeds more prone to developing kennel nose?

While kennel nose can affect any dog, certain breeds may be more predisposed to developing the condition. Breeds with short or flat noses, such as Bulldogs and Pugs, may be more susceptible due to their anatomy.

Can I use human moisturizers on my dog’s nose?

It is not recommended to use human moisturizers on your dog’s nose, as they may contain ingredients that are harmful to dogs if ingested. It is best to use pet-safe balms or ointments specifically formulated for dogs.