How to Keep a Dog From Jumping on You

how to stop a dog from jumping up on you

The worst thing for a dog owner is to get a call from the neighbor or the SPCA complaining about your dog that has jumped the fence again and causing trouble outside the backyard. It becomes even more frustrating in the case when you have already spent a lot of money on building a good fence. 

Is your dog is also a repeat escaper? Does your dog also not like staying in the backyard? We can understand your frustration when you feel hopeless about how to keep a dog from jumping and climbing the fence.

This is not only your individual problem but several dog owners of a dog having a bit of mischief in him are facing the same issues. No worries now, as here in this guide, we present you with several methods to how to keep a dog from Jumping and climbing the fence once again. 

how do you keep a dog from jumping the fence?

how do you keep a dog from jumping the fence

It is frustrating when even after spending lots of money on building a good fence, your dog keeps escaping from the fence and not preferring to stay in the backyard.   

In the case when you are facing a similar issue where the dog jumps out of the fence again and again, then this guide will help you. Here we list several methods that might help you prevent your dog from jumping and climbing the fence:

Methods to How to Keep Your Dog From Jumping the Fence

how to keep dog from jumping on fence


A bit different use of L-Footer is an extremely effective way to keep your pooch from climbing and jumping the fence out of the backyard. Fasten the L-footer upside down and use it in the form of the top of the fence.

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Create an L-shape obstacle using the L-footer fasten the short side of it to the top of the fence and let the angled part toward the yard. When your pooch looks upward, he will see the fencing obstacle. After this, they will not try to jump out as they know that there is an obstacle in the way. 

Use of the Second Fence:

Dog jumping on people out of the fence is only possible for long-jumper dogs when they get the required space to run and then jump over the high fences. In this case, when they don’t get good running space, it won’t be possible for them to climb or jump the high fence. 

So the idea is to build a small second fence just 3 feet in front of the main fence. The second fence will prevent your pooch from getting a good running start thus preventing them from jumping out of the yard. 

Plant Shrubs and Trees:

This idea serves the same function as the above one. Growing Shrubs and plants just a few feet in front of the main fence will prevent the four-legged companion animal to get a good running start and they could not jump or climb the fence. 

The only con with this idea is that in the case when plants are in their growing stage, the fido can damage the crop and then jump out of the yard. 

Jump Harness:

The use of a dog jumping-up harness will restrict the movement of the hind limbs of the dog thus preventing them from making the long jump. This is not the permanent method to prevent the dog from jumping and climbing the fence. Instead, you should only use this method to train your pooch to not jump out of the yard. 

Methods to Prevent the Dog From Climbing the Fence

how do you keep a dog from jumping the fence

There are several tricks available that you can use to keep your Fido unable to climb over the top:

Coyote Roller

It is a 4-foot aluminum roller that is specially designed to prevent the animals from climbing the top of the fence. You need to fit the roller on the top of the fence. When the animal tries climbing to the top of the fence and climbing on the roller, the roller will spin preventing the animal from holding on and they will fall on the ground harmlessly.       

PVC Piping

It is a cheap alternative to the Coyoto roller. The PVC piping because of its shape will prevent the dog from getting a grip on the top of the fence and thus prevent them from climbing the fence. 

Preventive Measures

The above method will prevent your dog from jumping and climbing the fence but they will keep trying to jump out of the yard. In order to develop a habit or train your pooch not to jump out of the fence, you should adopt the following measures:

Restrict Your Dog View

Your canine buddy will try escaping out of the yard only in case they get attracted to the view of the outside. In the case when you restrict the outside view, they will show no interest in escaping out and jumping or climbing the fence.

The outside world is attractive for your dog. There are several distractions like another dog on the other side that can motivate your dog to escape out of the backyard. When they can’t see the world on the other side of the fence, they will not feel left out. When not distracted, they will not try to jump out.

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In order to restrict the outside view of your dog, you can go for reed fencing, wooden fencing, or any other kind of obstacle preventing the outside view. 

Make the Yard More Fun for Your Pooch

When the yard is much fun, your pooch will not try to escape out. Keep sufficient water and food for your canine buddy. Offer them lots of toys and treats. When they love the life of the yard, they will not try jumping or climbing the fence. 

Remove the Things That Help Your Furry Baby to Jump the Fence

You might be unaware but there are several things in your backyard that help your canine buddy to climb the fence. Things like piles of firewood, garbage cans, and even the low-hanging tree branches help the Fido to jump out of the yard.

Dogs like pitbulls, German shepherds, and others are very intelligent. They can take aid from any of these things and jump out of the yard. Get rid of all these things that help your pooch in climbing the fence. 

Play Games

Playing games will serve two purposes. By playing games, you can provide sufficient exercise to your furry baby making them tiring enough that they can’t jump out of the yard. Another benefit of playing games is making the yard more fun for the doggo. 

Bottom Line

These are some successfully implied methods that worked successfully in preventing the fid to jump and climb the fence. In this case, if your dog is still trying to escape out of the yard, the only method left is a high-quality crate. 

You can go for a good-quality crate that your pooch can not break. By creating your fury baby, how to keep a dog from jumping and climbing the fence.