Exotic cat – origin, appearance, character & Care

An exotic cat, commonly referred to as exotic, is an artificially bred breed that is a cross between a Persian cat and an American shorthair cat. The cat looks like a Persian and has a similar, gentle personality. However, his short coat makes him easier to groom. The international name for exotic cats is Exotic […]

Pannus in Dogs (Chronic Superficial Keratitis)

what is Pannus in Dogs? Pannus in Dogs is an eye disease that affects the third eyelid and cornea of a dog’s eyes. It can eventually lead to blindness if left untreated. Here, our South Florida veterinarians list causes signs, and treatment options for dogs affected by Pannus. How Pannus Affects a Dog’s Eyes Pannus […]

American Shorthair Cat Breed Info – Facts and Personality Traits

About the American Shorthair American Shorthair Cat is a medium-sized cat, but she is very powerful. She is very muscular and heavy-boned. Her round, solid appearance makes you realize that she will be heavy when you pick her up. Once used to keep rodents and pests away from grocery stores, the American Shorthair still enjoys […]

Turmeric For Dogs: Health Benefits You Didn’t Know

turmeric for dogs: People trying to cure their dogs’ pain often ask, “Is turmeric good for dogs?” The answer is mostly yes. What is Turmeric? Turmeric is an Asian plant from the ginger family. The powder obtained from this plant is often used by chefs in various Asian cuisines, currrpm, sauces, and soups to add […]

Teddy Bear Dog Breed Information: Facts, Characteristics & Care

Teddy bear puppies, sometimes called Zuchon or Shichon, are a designer breed that is typically a cross between Shih Tzu and Bichon Frize (Shichon teddy bear) or a mix of Shih Tzu and Maltese (Mal – teddy bear). Shi). Tiny, fluffy, and absolutely adorable charming Teddy Bear puppies bring new meaning to love at first […]

Why Pugs are the worst breed? Reasons you don’t know

Pugs are one of the most popular dog breeds preferred in several countries including America. But many pet owners and veterinarians consider that pugs are the worst breed. The question is why pugs are the worst breed? With their charming, cute, loving, and clown-like look, this breed is often loved by people. Also, their compact look, […]

Dog Wound Care: A Complete Guide 2024

My dog has an open wound. My vet suggested that it be left open for healing rather than repaired with sutures. What is the reason for this? Wounds differ based on: Your vet has considered the above factors when determining the best method to treat the wound. Sometimes the site or extent of skin loss […]

Why Does My Dog Walk Behind Me? (13 Reasons Strange)

Walking your furry friend is probably one of life’s greatest, albeit most simple, pleasures. It can be a great time to build on the human-dog bond you share, explore together, or just enjoy the sights and sounds all around you. In a fur-perfect world, your canine companion will keep step, while proudly and gallantly walking […]

Kennel Nose Dog Guide: How to Properly Treat It at Home! (2024)

Many dog owners observe raw blue nose pitbull kennel spots on their dog’s dry nose and don’t what that actually means. They complain that their dogs rub noses every time. Dog owners often don’t know why their dogs do that and are it actually normal for their dogs? Or is there any reason behind it? It is […]

Blue Doberman Pinscher Everything you need to know

The Blue Doberman Pinscher Breed comes from Germany and is named after the dog breed’s founder, Herr Louis Doberman. The breed started near the end of the 19th century. Not a lot is known regarding this breed’s precise start, but it is thought it has somewhat of a long lineage of additional breeds in its […]