Why is My Dog Hyper in the Morning? 10 Unknown Reasons

Why is My Dog Hyper in the Morning

Have you been wondering why your dog appears to be so hyper or restless in the morning? If yes, then this post is meant for you as I shall be discussing everything you need to know about your dog’s early morning hyperactivity.

Why is my dog hyper in the morningThere are lots of possible factors responsible for your dog’s hyper behavior in the morning. Diet, excitement, anxiety, high energy level, and desire to pee are all capable of making him restless and hyperactive in the morning.

Luckily, there are some steps you must take to help your dog and I will unveil some of them later in the article. But before that, let’s take a deep look at the reasons behind your dog’s behavior.

Why my dog is over hyper in the morning

Why my dog is over hyper in the morning

Here are the 10 possible reasons for this behavior in your pooch

1. Excitement

This is a common reason why many dogs are hyper in the morning. Your friendly pooch is very happy and excited to set his sights on his owner. His joy knows no bounds at that moment and he is simply displaying his gladness through his action.

In some cases, your lovely friend might jump at you or run around you as part of his ways of saying ‘I am glad you see the start of a new dawn’

Do you really need to stop him from displaying his gladness towards you? No! However, you might need to ignore him until he’s done with the joyful display before giving him your attention.

2. He is showing you how energetic he is

Who doesn’t love to prove a point to his or her boss? Just as it is in humans, so it is in some dogs. Your dog is highly energetic in the morning, and he believes one of the ways to prove it to you is by being hyper.

3. He wants to play with you

He wants to play with you

Dogs are not deployed as a source of security alone, they are equally known for their ability to serve as your companion and friends. Dogs love playing with their owners and they can go an extra length to make sure they get their owner’s attention.

Your dog might be hyperactive in the morning as he is saying “Let’s play together”. The more you ignore his approach, the harder he tries to attract your attention until it gets tired and will eventually stay calm.

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4. His diet

The food you give to your dog will go a long way in determining his overall well-being and activeness. If your dog suddenly becomes restless and very hyper as soon as you give him his morning meal, it means he has gained a very high level of energy from the meal.

It could also mean that you have given him food that consists of a high level of fats and antioxidants. As a result, you are advised to be very careful with the type and timing of food you give to your dog if you want him to be in good health.

You should consult your veterinarian on the types of food that are good and suitable for your dog. Alternatively, you can visit here to find out and a guide on how much to feed your dog.

5. Wants to pass a very important message across to you

Your dog can be very hyper and restless if he is passing a very important message across to you but you aren’t getting his information.

Coupled with the fact that he still possesses a very high level of energy in the morning, your caring pooch will do everything to make sure that you eventually get his message. 

6. He is showing his affection for his owner

This reason is more or less like the first one — but this time, he is showing his love for you. Your pooch knows you as his lord and he has boundless love for you.

His eagerness to jump at you; sit on you, or restlessly run around you is some of the ways he expresses his love for you.

7. Separation anxiety

Anxiety is another factor capable of making your dog very hyper in the morning or at any other time of the day. Your dog might have a feeling that you are about to leave for a while. Therefore, he tends to be very hyper, anxious, restless, and wanting to be with you all the time.

8. You have encouraged the attitude unintentionally

Dogs are very sensitive when it comes to reading their owner’s reactions to their actions. It could be that you are signaling to your dog to stop running around you. Unfortunately, he might see it as being able to gain your attention.

He will definitely repeat such an attitude whenever he needs your attention. This means you have unintentionally given him what he wanted which will encourage him to do more and more. 

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9. He wants to pee

Your dog will appear very hyper and restless in the morning if he wants to pee or poo. Just like human beings, dogs remain helpless and restless whenever they are about to pee as they seek a very suitable place to pass out the waste product.

It is, therefore, important that you ensure that your dog pees before going to bed or as soon as he wakes up. Learn how to train your dog to poop and pee in designated areas

10. Boredom

Boredom is another possible reason why your dog display can be very hyper behavior in the morning.

If you have neglected your dog for a while or you have failed to take him out for a walk in recent days, your dog might wake up one day to display his discontent.

What can I do to calm my dog in the morning?

What can I do to calm my dog in the morning

Having discussed the reasons that could lead to a dog’s hyperactive features in the morning, I believe it is important you know how you can calm your dog.

Below are some of the steps you should take to stop him from being hyper or restless in the morning:

1. Let him pee as soon as he wakes up

Since your dog can be restless or hyper if he wants to pee, you’re advised to let him pee as soon as he wakes up. This will surely calm him down.

2. Give him a quality and accurate diet

You should endeavor to give him a good diet. Know what and when to give him his meal.

3. Let him exercise his body

Daily exercise is good for your dog as it will help him remain in good shape.

Apart from helping him remain in perfect health condition, exercise will go a long way to calm your dog’s nerves and anxiety in the morning.

According to a post from a credible source, your dog must engage in not less than 45 minutes of exercise daily.

4. Discover some facts about your dog’s hyper behavior

You should take time to discover some information about your dog’s behavior as that will help you provide a quick and lasting solution to it.

You should be able to provide answers to the following questions:

  • How often does he perform this attitude in the morning?
  • When did he start the behavior?

All this information will boost your chances of finding a perfect solution to your dog’s condition.


I must let you know that this behavior is not unusual and it’s one character that dogs are known for. Nonetheless, you are advised to stop him from displaying this feature too often.

You should consult your veterinarian as soon as you notice that your dog appears restless too often.

Don’t try to stop him via unhealthy methods because it could turn your lovely canine from being friendly to being mad at you. 

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