Why Does My Dog Sit Under My Chair?

Why Does My Dog Sit Under My Chair

Have you imagined the reasons behind your dog’s urge to squeeze himself under your table, bed, or chair irrespective of his size or age? This is a common behavior among all dogs but why is it so?

The reasons why your dog loves sitting under your chair are he wants to be closer to you; he is waiting for food crumbs; he is in search of a secure place, and it could be that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety.

Apart from the reasons briefly listed above, there could be other underlying factors that require urgent attention. We shall be revealing them to you later in this post.

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Why Does Your Dog Love To Sit Under Your Chair?

Why Does My Dog Sit Under My Chair

1. He loves staying close to you

Your dog doesn’t see himself as just a pet, instead, he sees himself as your great companion who must be by your side at all times.

This is why he wouldn’t mind staying under your chair if that’s the only available way to come close to you.

If this is the factor responsible for your dog’s desire to squeeze under your chair, then you have nothing to worry about because he is only showing his affection for you which is quite normal and interesting.

2. He could be sick or injured

Sickness or injury can force your dog to display such behavior. This is because he isn’t healthy enough to be actively involved in his usual activities.
This reason requires urgent attention and you are advised to call the attention of your veterinary doctor as soon as possible. 

3. Dogs naturally love a private place

Do you know that dogs are interested in staying in a very secretive place? So, don’t be surprised if you find your dog at this a-bit-weird location. This is because he considers such a position as a very private and personal space where no one will disturb him.

4. He sees it as a safe place

Your dog would stay under your chair, table, or bed whenever he sees any scary thing because he sees it as a very safe place. Seeing a strange and scary creature could cause your dog to run under your chair as a way of protecting himself from being attacked.

5. He is afraid

Another major reason is that he is afraid of something within the vicinity that may pose harm. This is one of the most common reasons why your dog couldn’t help but stay in a hiding place until he is courageous enough to go on with his daily affairs.

6. He is eagerly waiting for food crumbs

He may frequently go under the chair especially when you are eating. Your dog is very confident you can’t eat a plate of food without having some crumbs that will drop on the floor.

Hence, he patiently stays under your chair in order to monitor you while eating to consume the crumbs.

7. He is playing with unhealthy or forbidden materials

It could be that your friendly canine is playing with toys or substances you have asked him not to touch. Knowing that you will be furious with him, your dog would prefer to stay under your chair or any other hidden space where no one can easily see him.

If this is the case with your dog, you shouldn’t react angrily. Instead, train your dog by letting him know what to play with and things to ignore. You can visit here to see how to help your lovely companion develop a new positive attitude.

8. Change of environment

Another possible reason is if you recently changed his environment.

A change of location means your dog will have to encounter loads of strange substances and events. 

He will react to every strange occurrence, and one of the ways, he would react is by staying under your chair. He might go there whenever he feels there is a lack of connection between him and his new environment.

This is mostly seen in a young puppy that would need time to eventually adapt to his new environment.

9. He is comfortable there

Human beings are known for their desire to remain in their comfort zone all day long. Just as it is with humans, so we have it in dogs and other creatures. Your canine companion will continue to sit under your chair as long as he finds a very comfortable spot there. 

10. He loves the scent emanating from the chair 

This is a reason I’ve experienced firsthand. The more you sit on the chair, the more it possesses your body scent. Your dog will love to be by the chair you love most because of the scent it emits. It is also believed that good scents attract dogs.

11. Separation Anxiety 

Your dog may choose the spot in order to be close to you as he is suffering from separation anxiety. He has this feeling that you are about to go on a long trip which will prevent him from seeing you for a while. Hence, he is determined to remain closer to you before your departure.

12. He is stressed out 

It could also mean that your dog is stressed out and wants to regain his strength as soon as possible. Giving him an energy-boosting supplement is needed at this point. However, consulting your veterinarian before taking any action would be the best thing in such a situation. 

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What to do if your dog is sitting under your chair

your dog is sitting under your chair

There are some steps to take if you realize that your pooch stays under your chair too often. Some of them include:

1. Know your dog’s attitude

Knowing your dog’s attitude is the best and first thing you must do as a pet parent. This will help you notice any slight change in his behavior within the shortest time frame.

It will equally help you predict the possible reason why your dog loves sitting under your chair.

2. Book an appointment with your vet

This point can’t be overemphasized because only a trained veterinarian will know what to administer to your dog. You can’t replace your vet and you should endeavor to let him know everything happening to your pet.

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Seeking Shelter and Security

The Denning Instinct

Dogs are descendants of wolves, and their behaviors often reflect their ancestral instincts. One such instinct is the denning behavior, where they seek out small, enclosed spaces for safety and security. This instinct is deeply ingrained in their nature.

Anxiety and Comfort

For some dogs, sitting under a chair provides a sense of comfort and safety, particularly when they feel anxious or stressed. This behavior can be their way of coping with situations that make them uneasy.

Temperature Regulation

Staying Cool

In hot weather, your dog might choose to sit under a chair as a way to stay cool. The shade provided by the chair can offer a break from the sun’s heat.

Keeping Warm

Conversely, during colder weather, sitting under a chair can help your dog conserve body heat and stay warm. The chair acts as insulation from the chilly floor.

How to Respond to Your Dog’s Behavior

Understanding the reasons behind your dog’s behavior is the first step in addressing it effectively. Here are some tips:

Providing an Alternative

Offer your dog a comfortable and safe alternative to sitting under your chair, such as a cozy bed or blanket. Make it an appealing choice.

Ensuring Comfort and Safety

Ensure that your dog’s environment is free from potential stressors or hazards. Address any sources of anxiety or discomfort.

Observation and Protection

Guarding Their Territory

Dogs are naturally territorial animals. Sitting under your chair can serve as a vantage point from which they can observe their surroundings and guard their territory.

Avoiding Noise and Disturbances

Some dogs may prefer sitting under a chair to avoid loud noises or disturbances. This behavior offers them a quiet, safe space away from commotion.


Nothing is wrong if your dog loves sitting under your chair as long as he is happy and healthy. Just ensure you take him out for a walk when due; feed him with a nourishing meal and ensure he visits the vet periodically even if he looks healthy.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it normal for dogs to sit under chairs?

Yes, it’s a relatively common behavior, and dogs do it for various reasons.

Can I train my dog not to sit under my chair?

You can redirect their behavior by providing alternative comfortable spaces and positive reinforcement.

What should I do if my dog sits under my chair due to fear?

Address the underlying cause of their fear and consult with a professional dog trainer or behaviorist for guidance.

Are certain dog breeds more likely to exhibit this behavior?

No, it can be observed in dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Can it be a sign of a health problem?

In some cases, unusual behavior may indicate an underlying health issue. If you’re concerned, consult your veterinarian for a thorough check-up.

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