Why Does My Dog Scratch My Bed Sheets

Why Does My Dog Scratch My Bed Sheets

Dogs are known for their ability to do crazy things. Have you ever asked yourself why your lovely canine won’t stop scratching your bed sheet, blankets, or other bedding? – is that also part of his function as your closest pet?

So, why does my dog scratch my bed sheets? He is looking for a very comfortable spot for himself. It could be that your dog is just being careful not to sleep alongside ticks and other parasites that are immensely seeking a host. It is also possible your dog is reacting to the unbearable heat produced by your bed.

It is not enough to figure out the reasons for your dog’s bed-scratching attitude, it is extremely crucial you know when and how to react if you find your dog in such a mood.

This post will tell you all you must know about the attitude and when you should seek your vet doctor’s attention regarding the behavior. Let’s hit the ground running!

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Why Does Dog Scratch Bed Sheet

Why Does My Dog Scratch My Bed Sheets

1. He Is Looking Out For Parasites On The Bed

You should know by now that your dog is a very sensitive animal whose sensory nerve functions effectively. He must have detected the presence of some potential parasites such as ticks or lice and mites on the bed and resorted to scratching the bed sheet just to be sure everything is alright.

In this case, your dog might appear to be very dedicated and serious while displaying this behavior because he is more or less like a military man on a battlefield at that moment. 

Stand back for a moment (probably for two minutes) and observe if he will stop it. You are advised to help him out if he persists. Check the bed sheet, dust it, and lay it again.

2. He Is Reacting To Heat Produced By Your Bed Sheet

Do you want to see the unpleasant side of your friendly pet? Then, put him in a heated room over a long period – I’m sure you don’t want to witness how helpless he could become.

This lets you know that dogs are not known for great power and rigidity to withstand heat for long. One of the reasons he could be scratching the bed sheet is due to the uncomfortable heat produced by the bedding.

His paw pads must have been overheated; hence, he resulted in scratching the bed sheet in search of a considerable amount of ventilation. He probably wants you to consider his action as his alternative way of fanning himself just as he would have done if he was to be a human like you.

Swift action is required from you if that’s the case. Get him off the bed as soon as possible and move him to a very cool place. It is advisable to wet his coat with cool water to regulate his internal body temperature. Lastly, ensure he takes clean water.

Meanwhile, other things you must observe to be sure your dog is not suffering from unbearable heat include excess panting and vomiting.

3. He Is In Search Of A Comfortable Sleeping Spot

Obviously, you have laid the bed sheet in a way that suits your taste, but your dog has another plan. As part of his desire to have a very comfortable sleeping position, he could decide to scratch the bed sheet and maybe blankets to suit his taste and comfort.

You might have to give him a short “stop it” command to let him know that’s how you want your bed, and no one is changing it.

4. He Is Showing Territorial Dominance

Another possible reason why your dog can’t stop scratching the bed sheet could be traced to the fact that he is showing his dominance over a particular spot on the bed. Your dog now sees himself as the lord over your bed, and he is simply telling you to “keep off.”

You don’t have to panic at this stage. Still, you need to take proactive measures to prevent him from getting to a point where he will growl aggressively as soon as he sees you coming close to the bed.

The best thing to do in this situation is to completely stop him from sharing the same bed with you. Get him one and help him understand that he no longer has access to your bed.

Reward him with a tasty treat whenever he goes to his new bed by himself. This will help him develop a new attitude of going to his sleeping position without your order or instruction.

5. He Is Just Being Natural

Dogs naturally have the urge and desire to adjust their beds every now and then – it’s an instinct. Your dog might choose to be natural by scratching the bed sheet and digging your bed, pillows, and comforter.

This can be traced down to their ancestors, wild dogs, whose beds are made of sticks, rocks, and dirt, naturally scratch their beds’ surfaces to make it look comfortable. And shouldn’t be a surprise that your domesticated friend sometimes displays such an attitude.

6. He Is Imitating A Member Of His Pack

Dogs, just like human beings, learn new attitudes from a member of their park [2]. It could be that your dog saw other dogs acting in such a manner, and he decided to imitate him.

Luckily, the attitude learned from other dogs can easily be forsaken — you only need to train him in the way you would love to see him behave.

Additionally, don’t forget to stop him from seeing his influencers even if it means restricting his movement for the time being.

7. Your Dog Is Expecting New Babies

Pregnant dogs develop some new habits in anticipation of the arrival of their new babies. One of them is scratching every available surface, including the bed sheet and other covers.

This is one of the hormone-enhanced actions [1] by your dog to prepare the way for her new puppies and also to ensure that she masters her protective skills before she finally puts to bed.

In this case, you might have to create a particular room or an open area where she can continue to prepare for her parturition day. You must feed her with lots of organ meat in order to ensure that her hormones are actually doing great.

8. He Has Misinterpreted Your First-time Reaction For A Reward

Can you remember the first time he acted this way, and what was your reaction — did you pay utmost attention to him? If yes, that means your dog has misinterpreted your response to his action.

Instead of seeing your reaction as a correctional move, he mistook it for a reward. He now thinks that the best way to gain your attention is by scratching your bed sheet.

Should Stop Your Dog From Scratching Your Bed Sheet?

dog scratch

Are you wondering if there is a need to help your dog dump this behavior? You might need to stop it if he does it too frequently. It is obvious you don’t want to keep buying new bed sheets due to your dog’s bed-scratching behavior.

This is not a great habit that should be encouraged. You’ve got to do everything possible to ensure that your dog overcomes such unhealthy behavior. In fact, it could make him more aggressive towards you (as in the case of territorial aggressiveness or dominance) if you don’t nip the attitude from the bud.

You shouldn’t find it very difficult to help your dog dump the behavior. Follow some of the discussed remedies above.

You should also endeavor to take him out for a slight walk before going to bed. Alternatively, you should take your dog to an open space or rather a walk where he can scratch or dig the sand rather than bed sheets.

FAQs: Why Does My Dog Scratch My Bed Sheets

Here are some frequently asked questions about why dogs scratch bed sheets:

Is it normal for dogs to scratch bed sheets?

Yes, it’s normal for dogs to scratch bed sheets. It can be attributed to comfort, temperature regulation, scent marking, anxiety, boredom, or other factors.

How can I stop my dog from scratching bed sheets?

You can stop your dog from scratching bed sheets through training, exercise, and providing a comfortable sleeping spot.

When should I be concerned about my dog’s sheet scratching?

If the scratching is excessive, consistent, or accompanied by other concerning symptoms, consult your veterinarian to rule out underlying medical issues.

Can medical issues cause excessive sheet scratching in dogs?

Yes, medical issues like allergies, skin irritation, or pain can lead to excessive sheet scratching in dogs.

Is it okay for my dog to scratch and dig at the sheets?

While it’s generally okay for dogs to exhibit this behavior, excessive or destructive scratching should be addressed to prevent damage and ensure your dog’s well-being.

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In conclusion, dogs scratching bed sheets is a common behavior that can be attributed to various factors. Understanding why your dog does this and taking appropriate measures can help you manage the behavior effectively.