Why Does My Dog Check On Me? (9 Charming Reasons)

Why Does My Dog Check On Me

You are in your living room watching TV and you spot your precious furball coming out of his bedroom to check on you. If nothing catches his attention, he’ll wander off to his bedroom or to another room. When you take your dog out to the trails, he will stare back at you every now and then. When you wake up from your sleep, you suspect your pooch was in your room checking on you.

Does this sound familiar? If so, you are probably asking yourself, “Why does my dog check on me?” Is he being nosy? Does he want something?

Well, just like many other dog behaviors, there’s no one correct answer. 

When your dog checks on you, it means that he is stopping by to see what’s going on out of curiosity, or perhaps something caught his attention. Other times, it could be him signaling to you that he needs you for something.

Regardless, there are still many reasons as to why he checks on you, so below are 9 possible explanations. 

Why Does My Dog Check On Me

Why Does My Dog Check On Me

09. Furry Security Guard

When your pooch constantly checks on you, he is being protective of you by becoming your personal furry security guard. Since he views you as the alpha, it is his duty to watch over you making sure no one harms you. Some breeds are more protective than others such as German Shepherds, Bullmastiffs, Rottweilers, and Akitas, just to name a few. 

08. You Are Needed For Something

Perhaps your pooch needs you for something. He may be hungry so he’ll stare at you, then possibly stare at wherever his yummy food is located, such as the fridge or his food bowl to alert you. Maybe it’s time to play a game of fetch or go out for a walk. Whatever the reason, be prepared to face the irresistible puppy dog eyes when demands aren’t met.

07. Curiosity  

Dogs can be curious too. It’s part of their DNA. If your furry family member checks on you, it could be him seeing what you’re up to. If you’re eating something behind Fido’s back, he most likely smells it. If you are laughing, he hears it. Whatever it is, he wants to be part of it.  

06. Looking For Clues

Alongside with curiosity, he could be looking for clues. Since you are the boss at home, he’s reading your body language to figure out what you’re about to do. Are you about to leave? Getting ready to prepare a meal? Getting ready to sleep? You got yourself an adorable and inquisitive furball who’s good at reading you.   

05. Separation Anxiety

Another possible reason is separation anxiety. However, this is more likely the case if your furball doesn’t want to leave your side. If he checks you every now and then, it’s more likely due to other reasons listed.

Velcro dogs with separation anxiety follow their owners everywhere, even in the comfort of their own homes. They’ll follow room to room and just don’t want to be separated. If you suspect your fur friend has separation anxiety, the best practice is to stop it to prevent any behavioral problems. 

04. A Changed In His Daily Routine

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After a while, your pooch will develop a daily routine especially if it is the same. If you walk your dog every evening and somehow you didn’t do it today, your dog probably checks on you wondering why you didn’t take him for a walk today. Or, if it is past your bedtime, your furball is just concerned why you aren’t in bed yet. 

03. Loyalty

Dogs are loyal animals, no doubt about it. When he checks on you, he’s showing that he unquestionably cares about you. Why? Because you are the leader, the alpha in his pack. Dogs are social animals who depend on one another for survival. He depends on you for shelter, food, and other necessities of life so it’s not surprising he just wants to make sure his hooman is safe and sound. 

02. A Trained Behavior

If you notice your dog is constantly checking in on you during walks, it’s definitely a good sign of obedience and focus. This could very well be a trained behavior, either by you or someone else. When Fido looks at you, he’s making sure what he’s doing is right, if you are close behind him, or to see if his hooman(s) is having an equally good time. This behavior ensures your dog doesn’t just run off.   

01. Affection

Well, possibly all the reason above is wrong, and he’s just flat-out checking on you because he LOVES you! It makes him feel comfortable. The two of you are truly bonded and he’s just happy to see you and what you are doing, nothing else. Oh, and to see if you are eating “chimken” so he can have some too.

Should You Allow This Behavior?

Should You Allow This Behavior

Yes! This is a great sign you have your dog under control. Whether it’s out on the trails or at home, when your pooch constantly checks in with you, it means he recognizes you as the pack leader, which is a good thing. Plus, it’s also a great reminder if you ever veered off from his routine.

Having this sort of behavior also makes training your four-legged family member a lot easier since he is not displaying any aggressive behaviors. Instead, he’s always looking for cues and signals to see what you may possibly want from him. 

The only time you would want to discourage this behavior as mentioned earlier, is when you suspect your dog has separation anxiety. Aside from that, consider this behavior a blessing as many dog owners actually want to train their furballs to check in with them. 

Here is a helpful video on how you can prevent separation anxiety in your dog:

Final Thoughts 

Now that you know all 9 possible explanations and how this behavior could be beneficial, it is just one of the ways your dog communicates with you. The more you understand your furball, the deeper your connections will be. After all, you are his special hooman, so it wouldn’t hurt for him to check on ya.