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In the event that your cat is a loud sleeper, they aren’t all alone! We examine the reasons cats sleep and if owners should be concerned.

Like humans, certain cats are snorers, while others aren’t. Some felines who snore rumble gently, others are more prominent. Since cats are typically asleep for anywhere between 15 and 16 hours per day, if your pet has a habit of snoring, you’ll hear a lot of it! We’ll take a look at some of the more frequently asked concerns about cats snoring.

Why my cat is snoring?

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Your cat is more likely to sleep when they are in deep sleep. When their body is completely relaxed the soft tissues that surround the passageways that lead to the nose and throat are relaxed, too.

Like humans, cats also have a skin flap at the end of their nasal passage which is usually very beneficial as it allows air to pass through during breathing however it also ensures that drinking water won’t flow through our nostrils when we consume.

It’s the sound that comes from the flap when we’re calm and asleep that we recognize as Snoring. The shape of an animal’s face and head determines the size and location of the flap.

This indicates that certain species are more susceptible to snoring than others.

The cat you have is more likely to snore during REM (rapid eye movements) sleep, which is also called dream sleep. It is during this time that you may observe your pet’s sleeping body shaking, jerking, or squeaking when they retell little fragments from their cat’s dream.

Sometimes, a cat’s purr can sound like the sound of snoring. If you’re unsure if your pet is snoring, or purring, pay attention. The purr of a cat is a relatively constant sound, however the sound of snoring changes with breathing. It is louder as they breathe out.

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Is the cat snoring normally and should I worry?

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Snoring in cats isn’t in any way unusual and in general, nothing to worry about! It is not necessary to visit your vet regarding your cat snoring in the event that there are any other signs, or their breathing may change dramatically.

If, for instance, your cat is having difficulty breathing or appears to be distressed, gagging, or coughing, then your vet will investigate whether their chewing gums or another may be causing the problem.

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Why is my cat snoring all of a sudden?

Sometimes, cats will snore just because they’re in an odd position. You may notice your cat snoring quite loudly while they’re sleeping in a position that has their head on their back or curled against the bed’s edge placing pressure on the nasal passages. If they move and their airways expand then the snoring stops.

Like humans, cats can be snoring if they suffer from nasal congestion. The reasons are usually similar to humans: upper respiratory illnesses, like cat flu as well as an allergy reaction to dust, pollen, or other substances within their environment.

Things that block the airways could be the reason for the cat’s snoring. This could be due to the result of a foreign object – for instance, an inhaled seed from the garden, or growth, such as a dental abscess, polyp, or tumor.

If you notice that snoring is to be a sign of wider breathing issues, or symptoms of irritation or pain in your cat, have them examined by your veterinarian.

As they age, their soft palates are more fragile and you might notice older cats snoring more. Additionally, weight gain may also increase the likelihood of snoring (which is higher below).

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Can cat snoring be caused by obesity?

When your cat is obese, like about 50% of cats in the UK are – the accumulation of fat surrounding the airways makes it much more susceptible to hearing your cat snoring.

Why is my cat snoring and sneezing?

Snoring is nothing to be worried about overweight cats are more likely to suffer from joint issues as well as urinary tract infections and diabetes. If you’re worried about the weight of your cat talks to your veterinarian about weight loss strategies.

What is the reason my cat is not sleeping and is coughing?

If the sudden increase in snoring is followed by other symptoms like a discharge from the eyelids, coughing, or wheezing, the reason may be a respiratory tract illness or an allergy. It is possible to have the problem checked by your veterinarian.

  • Do certain breeds of cats are more prone to snoring than other breeds?

Certain breeds of cats, like Persians, are flat-faced, also known as “brachycephalic” – they have a shorter muzzle and facial features that are flattened. They also have smaller nostrils, a longer mouth, or smaller windpipes. This is why cats with flat faces are more likely to breathe a snore.

If your cat with a flat face is prone to loud breathing or frequently gags and coughs or frequently breathes through their mouth inform your veterinarian about it. Surgery can help to correct the issue and allow your cat to breathe better.

Why does my cat snore when awake?

A cat who emits a snoring sound when asleep is probably not sleeping. It is often due to a narrowing of the airways, possibly caused by an inflammation, shrinkage of the larynx, the trachea, or growth, such as the appearance of a tumor or polyp.

If you notice an abrupt change in your cat’s breath sounds it’s always an excellent idea to bring your cat to the veterinarian. If the noise doesn’t seem to be constant then take a picture to show the vet. Also, keep a log to check whether the breathing sounds are consistent with an order, or is it more noticeable when you exercise or eat or eat, for instance?

What is the best solution if my cat snoring keeps me awake?

A pet that snores is as annoying as a partner who snores but it’s just as difficult to overcome. In contrast to humans, it’s not possible to try applying a sticky strip to your cat’s nose or sew tennis balls in their pajamas. Therefore, if the snoring of your pet distracts you the best solution is easy: separate bedrooms!

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