Why Do Dachshunds Sleep on Their Backs? (Explained)

Why Do Dachshunds Sleep on Their Backs

If you love having dogs as pets and appreciate their presence in your house, then you have probably thought of adopting a dachshund, or you already own one. 

As a dachshund owner, you must have noticed that your little doxie sleeps on his back, and it made you worried. Or if you’re thinking of adopting a dachshund, you must know that they sleep on their backs. We will find out why!

Why Do Dachshunds Sleep on Their Backs? 

Why Do Dachshunds Sleep on Their Backs

Dachshunds sleep on their backs to have a good stretch and be relaxed. Their backs are the weak point of their bodies, so if your dachshund is sleeping on the back means he is comfortable and trusts you being exposed in a vulnerable position. It also helps in cooling down body temperature.

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Why do dachshunds lay on their backs?

6 reasons why dachshunds lay on their backs- 

Calm and comfort:

Dachshunds lay on their backs to calm and when they are entirely comfortable in your house. So if your badger is lying on his back, that means he is letting himself loose and having all his muscles relaxed. Lying on the back is a very relaxed and comfortable position for your doxie. 

Cooling down:

Your doxie’s stomach is covered with very few furs compared to the whole body. When a badger is lying on its back, it allows the fur on its back to insulate the exposed area. Hence, it can cool down the body temperature. 

Feeling secured:

The stomach of animals is their sensitive body part and lying on their backs makes them submissive to threats. Wieners lying on their backs indicate that they feel secure in your house and can be just themselves and don’t need any protection.

Sensing trouble:

Dogs tend to roll over their backs if they feel dominated. This is their peacebuilding behavior. Puppies do it to make the adults stop aggression. So, this is their way to tell you to stop. 

Love and affection:

If your dachshund is lying on its back in front of you, it could mean he is being needy and wants your love and attention. Or maybe he just wants a slight scratch on his tummy. 

Getting friendly:

You have to notice your badger’s response while he’s being approached. If he rolls over on his back while getting approached by a new person, then he is comfortable and ready to be friends with him. 

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Should a dachshund sleep on its back? 

Should a dachshund sleep on its back

Yes. If your dachshund likes to sleep on his back, then he should sleep like that. That’s perfectly normal for dachshunds.

Dachshunds like to sleep on its back when he is completely comfortable around you. Everyone wants to be comfortable while sleeping. The same goes for your doxie.

Dachshunds were originally bred with elongated bodies and backs, and short legs. Their whole body is covered with fur and comparatively less fur in the stomach. So sleeping on its back is more comfortable for them as it cools down their body temperature.

Your badger’s muscles will completely relax and get a good stretch while lying on his back. That is very healthy for your little doxie. So, a dachshund should sleep on his back if he wants to.

Is it bad for dachshunds to sleep on their backs?

Dachshunds are prone to having back problems but sleeping on their backs is not responsible for that. So it is not bad for dachshunds to sleep on their backs.

Suppose your badger dog wants to sleep on his back. Then it would be best if you let him sleep like that. It is harmless. Sleeping on his back is the most comfortable position for him, considering his body structure.

Dachshunds get back problems either genetically or from jumping or using stairs. None of the back problems occur because of sleeping on their backs. You will be surprised to know that sleeping on their back is healthy for them as it helps them let loose and relax muscles.

But you have to be careful while he is lying on his back. Because a dachshund’s back is the weakest point of his body, any slight carelessness may cause him back injuries.

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What does a dachshund sleeping on its back mean? 

What does a dachshund sleeping on its back mean

A dachshund sleeping on its back means it is completely comfortable around you and your family. Sleeping on the dachshund’s back gives him a good stretch, and all his body muscles relax. So it means your doxie is having a calm and sound sleep.

Your badger’s back is the weakest point of his body. Hence, sleeping on his back means that he can be in his most vulnerable position in your house, exposing his scarcely furred stomach. And none will take advantage of him. It indicates that he feels secure with you.

Sleeping on its back helps to cool off your doxie’s body temperature. So if your badger is sleeping on his back, it could also mean that the weather is hot and your dachshund needs cooling off.

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Why do dachshunds lay on their backs with their legs in the air?

Dachshunds lay on their backs with their legs in the air because he is comfortable, relaxed, and need a good stretch. It also means he is confident and doesn’t need protection from anyone. Laying on their backs with legs up in the air also helps them release heat during summer.

Sometimes, your doxie can be very needy and want your affection. This position is their way of telling you to love them or give them a little belly rub.

As dachshund’s back is the weakest point of the body, they don’t usually expose their stomach in front of everyone. Hence, when a dachshund is lying on his back with legs in the air, he is friendly and ready to trust you even when in his vulnerable position.

Where should dachshunds sleep?

Dachshunds enjoy sleeping a lot and tend to fall asleep anywhere in your house. So it is better to select a sleeping spot for your pup.
There is no mandatory place for your dachshund to sleep. But since they like to burrow naturally, get them a burrow bed. It will make them feel more secure and relaxed. 

Dachshunds love sleeping with humans in soft, cozy, and warm beds. Hence, select one or two identified spots in your bed for your badger where he can fall asleep anytime without disrupting anyone’s sleep. 

It would help if you got your hot dog a separate blanket as well. He falls asleep under the blanket even in summer.

Why do dachshunds like to sleep under the covers? 

You might be worried about your dachshund sleeping under the covers even in the summer. But it is supposedly normal.
Reasons why dachshunds sleep under the covers-


Originally dachshunds were bred to hunt badgers, rabbits, and other small animals from the underground. So naturally, your doxies love digging and prefer closed and dark places. Hence, your sausage dogs are expected to sleep under the covers even when it is 70 degrees outside. 


Dogs are den animals. If a doxie is scared, then he likes to cover himself up under the blanket. The dark, warm, and cozy environment makes him relieved. The pressure under the covers makes him feel at home, and his brain releases happy chemicals. As a result, he feels secure. 

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Cozy and comfy:

Your hot dogs are cold intolerant. Even a slight change in weather makes their bodies shake. As a result, dachshunds prefer to sleep under the covers to avoid chilly feelings. In winter, it is their most happy place to feel warm, cozy, and comfortable.

However, you have to be careful with your dachshund’s back even though he is most relaxed lying on his back. I hope you can have the best of times with your little doxie!

Conclusion: Dachshunds Sleep on Their Backs

In conclusion, the reasons why Dachshunds sleep on their backs are multifaceted. From comfort and trust to instinctual behaviors and health considerations, each aspect contributes to the overall well-being of these lovable dogs. By paying attention to their individual preferences and creating a supportive sleep environment, owners can enhance the quality of their Dachshunds’ rest and strengthen the unique bond they share.

FAQs About Dachshunds and Sleeping Positions

Is it normal for my Dachshund to change sleeping positions frequently?

Yes, it’s normal for dogs, including Dachshunds, to change sleeping positions based on their comfort and environmental factors.

Should I be concerned if my Dachshund rarely sleeps on its back?

Not necessarily. Dogs have individual preferences, and some may simply be more comfortable in other positions.

Can the way my Dachshund sleeps indicate pain or discomfort?

Yes, sudden changes in sleeping behavior or signs of distress may indicate underlying health issues. Consult with a veterinarian if concerned.

What can I do to create an ideal sleep environment for my Dachshund?

Provide a comfortable bed, regulate lighting, minimize noise, and ensure a temperature-appropriate environment.

Do Dachshund puppies sleep differently than adult Dachshunds?

Yes, puppies may have different sleep patterns and positions, often requiring more sleep than adults.