15 Telltale Signs Your Dog Loves You

15 Telltale Signs Your Dog Loves You

Dogs are not only fun, but their hearts are full of love. They are ideal companions – non-judgmental, happy, extremely intelligent, and loyal.

Although dogs aren’t able to physically speak their love to you, they do so in the form of body language that you will be able to interpret. Some of the ways they do this may be obvious; others not so much.

Below are 15 telltale signs your adorable furball loves you unconditionally!

Telltale Signs Your Dog Loves You

Telltale Signs Your Dog Loves You

15. Guarding You

Does your dog ever decide to sleep out in the front door or watch over you when you eat? He may possibly be trying to protect you because you are his special human and part of his pack.

It is a natural behavior a dog displays around whom he loves. However, make sure your dog is not overly protective to the point where he’ll bark, growl, show his teeth, or be aggressive. That is when he becomes territorial, so the best solution is to curb the behavior to prevent more behavioral issues.

14. He Knows Your Name

Your dog knowing his own name is probably a no-brainer, but if he also recognizes your name and those he loves, it sure is a sign your dog adores you. How can you tell? Easy. When you not around and your name is being mentioned he will get super excited expecting to meet you soon.

13. Giving Doggie Kisses

When your furball gives you wet sloppy kisses, it is a sign of affection. It doesn’t always mean he loves the taste of the salty skin or trying to lick the remnants of the food you ate. Canine mom will lick her puppies to groom them and to show her love, so licking as a form of love is Fido’s natural instinct.

12. Checks On You

If your pooch constantly checks on you, he’s making sure you are nearby and is just happy to see you. Whether it is during walks or at home, him checking on you is actually a good sign of obedience. Yes, it may signal he wants something from you (chicken maybe), but it also means he’s looking for cues to see if you want him to do anything.

11. Sits Facing Away From You

You may think this behavior may come off as being rude, but it is the complete opposite in the canine world. When your dog sits facing away from you, it actually means he loves and trusts you.

Having his back towards you exposes his vulnerability by having his teeth and mouth, which are his main strength for self-protection, as far away from you as possible. Plus, he may very well be protecting his favorite human.

10. Looks You Directly In The Eye

Having direct eye contact with a dog you have not connected with is interpreted as a challenge or dominance, but it should not be the case with Fido. When he is looking directly into your eyes, love hormones, known as Oxytocin are transferred when the two of you stare at each other’s eyes. In return, it helps strengthen the already strong bond the two of you share.

09. Wants To Cuddle

Some dogs love cuddling while others don’t, but that doesn’t mean they hate you. They just have a different personality and love you just as much. When your precious furball cuddles with you it reaffirms ownership.

Even if your dog has a lot of places he can sleep, he wants to sleep next to you. This perhaps has something to do with your scent, but it is also comforting for him. Additionally, it also makes him feel loved, so it’s a win-win situation!

08. Yawns With You

Another subtle sign your furry friend loves you is when he yawns after you do. Though yawning is contagious, it is not only found in humans. In fact, dogs have a tendency to show compassion by yawning when you or someone they love yawns. Although yawning is not a way of showing that dogs are empathetic, researchers suggest so. Next time if you catch your dog yawning after you, he probably empathizes with you.

07. Leaning Against Your Body

When your furball leans against you because he wants to be more comfortable, for security, to cuddle, need something, or feel anxious, it is a sign that he loves you. He views you as the pack leader, and when he is anxious, he views you as his protector. Leaning against your body makes your dog feel loved and secure, and it is a way of expressing his unconditional love.

06. Gives You A Smile

When you speak, and your dog reacts by opening its mouth with a relaxed expression, it is a sign that he is happy to see you. If your pup is smiling at you with his ears forward, tongue hanging, and mouth wide open, he’s likely trying to appease you. Dogs learn to associate things and he may have associated his smile with positive reinforcement from you.

05. Plays With Your Clothes

You may find your pooch raiding your shoes, socks, towels, and shirts as it is scattered all over the house. There’s a reason for it and it is a sign that your dog loves you and has bonded with you. He takes your clothes because he smells your scent on them. Your scent makes him feel secure and comfortable. Sometimes he may even opt to sleep on your laundry, dirty or clean.

04. Remains Calm When You Go

If your dog stays calm whenever you leave the house, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care, but rather it is a sign that you have bonded with him, and he trusts and is confident that you will be back.

This is actually a great behavior compared to when he prevents you from leaving or is urinating or defecating when left alone. Those are symptoms of separation anxiety, which should be treated to prevent further behavioral issues.

03. Loves To Sleep With You Or In Your Room

Aside from regulating his body temperature when Fido sleeps with you, he is also being affectionate. In fact, just like when he plays with your clothes, he feels bliss when he’s able to soak up your unique scent. He views you as the pack leader and just wants you to know he wholeheartedly cares for you just as much as you care for him, if not more.

02. Happy When You Come Back Home

One of the best feelings, when you get home, is to get greeted by your four-legged family member. Your furball will come running towards you, with his tail wagging and dancing around you whether you’ve been gone for several minutes or a week. There should be no surprise that this is a prominent sign he loves you and is happy to see you.

01. Brings His Favorite Toys To You

Your dog might be in the mood to play but he likely needs some company. Although he may not have many physical items to share, he most likely will share his favorite toys with those whom he trusts and loves most dearly.

Why Do Dogs Love Us So Much?

Why Do Dogs Love Us So Much

The history of why dogs love humans so much can be traced back to the time when our ancestors met the ancestors of our modern-day dogs.

Some wolves were friendlier to humans than others, and they were kept as pets. Those wolves that were friendly to humans had a genetic mutation that made them more friendly than the actual nature of wolves.

Through breeding the mutated wolves for years, modern-day dogs were born. Science indicates that the relationship between dogs and humans comes from the release of oxytocin – love hormone – into dogs, just like in humans.

How To Show Your Dog Affection

How To Show Your Dog Affection

It might be pretty clear that your dog loves you even if they do not express it in the same way as humans, always licking you and doing everything possible to keep you smiling. But have you ever thought about whether you take time to show your lovely pet how much you care about them?

Dogs love to be doted and enjoy receiving affection. You should hence try and show them affection in a language that they understand. Some of the ways that we can show our dogs’ affection include:

07. Cuddling

When a dog cuddles with you, he is showing you love, so why not do the same in return? Like mentioned earlier, not all dogs love to cuddle, but if you know your pooch doesn’t mind, a fun, loving cuddle session wouldn’t hurt. If he’s not a cuddle type, you can always train him to do so, with a little patience.

06. Belly Rub

If your pup rolls over and offers its belly, you should take it as a compliment as this is a submissive move to indicate how much he trusts you. Take some time and give your dog a smooth belly rub as it gives him a feeling of your affection for him.

05. Hang Out With Your Dog

Hanging out with your dog makes him feel like a part of the family and creates a stronger bond between the two of you. Hanging out with your dog does not mean that you have to give him constant attention, either.

Let them roam about the kitchen when you are preparing dinner or curl up on the living room floor as the family watches movies. The more time you hang out with your dog, the more your furball will discover the best ways he likes being loved.

04. Feeding Your Dog By Hand

Have you ever tried feeding your dog by hand? Well, according to scientific experts, feeding your dog by hand is a way of showing him affection, especially with puppies.

This serves to teach your dog that you are a food provider, as well as create an intimate experience that enhances a strong bond between you and your pup. Handing feeding will give your dog the attention he seeks and promotes the release of oxytocin.

Although it makes him feel extra loved, hand-feeding often can cause care issues if left with friends or other family members, so it is best to train your dog to eat from a bowl the majority of the time.

03. Train Your Dog

During training, the use of positive reinforcements will make your pooch happy. Eventually, he will associate his acts with the rewards he’ll get. This is a great way to promote bonding and show your furball you absolutely love him!

02. Know Your Dog’s Likes And Dislikes

Figure out what your dog likes doing as well as his dislikes will help appease him. If he doesn’t like being hugged, then don’t do it. If he prefers belly rubs, then substitute hugs for it. If he loves to play fetch, then do it more often. Knowing his little quirks is key to connecting with your pup.

Figuring out whether he’s more food-motivated or toy-motivated, for example, also helps with training. Your dog will soon know that you love him and in return, he will be joyous around you.

01. Ear Rubbing

Almost every dog adores ear rubs. Why? Because ear rubs factually make a dog high on love. If you scratch behind the ears of your dog, he will tend to lean closer and closer to you and get in a relaxed state.

Scientifically, the ears of a dog are full of nerve endings, and when messaged, you are pleasuring and relaxing him. Plus it triggers the release of endorphins, which are natural ‘feel-good’ hormones that help calm him.

Final Thoughts

You should not take your dog’s love for granted, as humans and dogs share such a unique bond. The bond makes them inseparable. For most of you, the reactions you get from your dog are proof that he truly loves you.

You may never understand everything about how dogs think, but one thing is for sure; dogs are good pets, and they love humans to become their better companions.