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The classy Oriental Longhair closely resembles its close relative, the Siamese however it has an older history. They are a fascinating well-mannered, friendly, and chatty breed that is at home in a place with lots of companions. They are also available in a variety of patterns and color combinations.

breed info longhaired oriental

  • WEIGHT: 8-12 pounds
  • LENGTH The length is long and slim.
  • COAT: Medium-long coat Fine and silky
  • COAT COLOR: A variety of coat patterns and colors
  • EYE COLOR: Green, blue, or odd-eyed
  • LIFE EXPECTATIONS Life Expectancy: 12-15 years

The history of the Oriental Longhair

Origin: England. Country of Origin: England

Other names: Foreign Longhair, Angora Mandarin, British Angora

Oriental Longhair Cats were brought to Ankara in Turkey during the 19th century. They were the first longhaired cats to be introduced to Western Europe. The breed was lost after the more fully coated Persian came into the world in the early 1900s.

The current Oriental Longhair cat has been genetically re-created by breeders in the UK by crossing to Abyssinian cats (for the longhair gene) and Siamese cats (for body type).

A handful of the cats that were originally bred were brought to the USA which is where they were crossed and now are classified in the category of Turkish Angoras.

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This Oriental Longhair cat breed was previously called The British Angora before it was changed after 2002 British cat fancies to keep from being confused with the Turkish Angora cat breed.

In Europe, a solid-colored Oriental Longhair cat is known as Javanese. Javanese.

In the early twentieth century, the breeders hoped to breed Siamese cats with a greater range of patterns and coat colors. They started mixing Siamese together with different breeds, such as Russian Blues, British Shorthairs, and Abyssinians.

This is the way they came to be known as the Oriental Cat was first born and, by in the 70s, they had been introduced into the United States where they became extremely well-known.

They were officially recognized as an individual breed in their own right through the Cat Fanciers Federation in 1977 however, they were classified as a shorthaired breed. In 1995, the Oriental Longhair was officially added to their list.

It was the International Cat Association that recognized the Oriental Longhair as a breed by itself in 1979. Although the long and short-haired varieties are similar in appearance, the Longhair is the more luxurious, silky coat, and is characterized by its plumed tail.

They are often called”the British Angora, which was in the early 21st century.

oriental cat care

Oriental Longhairs share a number of traits in common with their Siamese cousins. They are extremely intelligent and smart, and if you keep them engaged, they could be a bit naughty and create their own fun.

They’re ideal for living in a home in which they can enjoy lots of companionships. They are a very friendly breed that is a fan of being the focal point. Whatever you do in your home the Oriental Longhair is likely to be at the side of you.

Their warm and friendly personality can also make them do well in a household with multiple pets. If introductions are handled correctly, it’s common for the Oriental Longhair and your family dog to be fast acquaintances.

Their sociable nature makes them a great fit for being around children as well. If the kids respect the cat’s privacy and play, they will be fun playful, gentle, and active playmates.

In terms of cats, they are surprisingly adept at training. They are extremely intelligent as well as extremely curious. They are very responsive to training techniques that use positive reinforcement.

Working on a few tricks could endear your pet to even those who aren’t the most cat-friendly guests. This will also help strengthen the bond you share with them as well as help keep them engaged and entertained.

If you are looking for a calm home The Oriental Longhair is not an ideal cat to adopt.

Similar to the Siamese They are also known for their vocal ability and expressive. If they are looking to get involved in something, or get attention, don’t feel at all content, or are being a bit giddy You will surely notice their loud and raspy mewl. Do not ignore them!

It is believed that the Oriental Longhair looks very similar to their Siamese counterparts, with distinct triangular-shaped head shapes, large ears that are wide as well as almond-shaped eyeballs. They have a long slim, and athletic body type as well as a distinct plum tail.

This breed also is renowned for its vast variety of patterns and colors choices. With close to 300 variations it is greater than any other breed.

They do not come with a double coat. Therefore although it’s lengthy, it doesn’t need the vigorous grooming that is required of larger-haired breeds such as the Persian. A clean brush every week to get rid of dead hairs is enough.

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Common Health Issues

The Oriental Longhair is generally considered a healthy breed. They may be susceptible to various inheritable ailments but. Always seek out a breeder who conducts a health test on prospective parents.

A few of the traits the breed is renowned for are:

Kinked tails and crossed eyes are both inherited traits from their Siamese cousins.

If you’re Oriental Longhair is sporting one or both of them, it could make their look more distinctive but won’t do harm to them.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy It is a progressive degenerative disease that eventually results in blindness.

Liver Amyloidosis: This is a condition that results in amyloid proteins getting deposited in the liver.

this can cause a decrease in function and result in liver failure.

Diet and nutrition

The breed is thought of as being prone to suffering from periodontal disease. They are believed to be at greater risk due to how they shape their slim, long face. It is essential to feed your child a nutritious diet to avoid any problems and If they are able to handle it, a dental cleaning routine is also beneficial.

Where to adopt or buy an Oriental Longhair

A reputable breeder can help make sure that the kitten is well-socialized and healthy.

The best place to begin your research is to look through the Cat Fanciers Federation list of acknowledged breeders.

Adopting a cat is immensely rewarding and rewarding, so why not go to your local shelters. There is a chance that you will discover an Oriental Longhair or a different cat, you are captivated by.

Do Oriental cats make good pets?

The Oriental is a smart loved, affectionate and loyal cat that is very affectionate to its human family. They can be a good companion for any cat or person so that they’re loved and respected. …

This Oriental cat is an extremely loving breed that quickly bonds with its family.

Why do oriental cats look different?

Despite their unique color it is impossible to mistake the Oriental Shorthair for any other breed due to their distinct appearance.

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Fun fact: It is known that the Oriental Shorthair is a result of a man-made crossbreeding process between the Siamese, Abyssinian, and the Russian Blue.

How long does an oriental cat live?

Life span: Many oriental Shorthairs are in their teens. The average life expectancy is 15 years old.

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