How to take care of brittle hair

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If your damaged hair, this can lead to dryness, split ends, and brittleness. In fact, nobody wants damaged hair on purpose. But some of the common practices we indulge in in the name of hairstyling actually damage the hair and can cause the hair to dry brittle.

If you notice that your hair is brittle, has split ends, or is thin, you should read this to the end so you can learn how to heal brittle hair.

Whatever you do, don’t neglect to take care of your hair by following a good routine. If you have brittle, dry hair, don’t give up yet. There is a solution to his situation.

How do you know you have dry and brittle hair?

How do you know you have dry and brittle hair

Maybe you are reading here about how to cure brittle hair, but you are not sure if your hair is healthy or not. In this section, you will learn if your hair is brittle or healthy. As diverse as skin types are, so is hair.

The texture, volume, length, and color will always be different. While some respond very well to hair products and styling, others don’t.

If you have good hair, the following should be characteristics of your hair:

  • When exposed to moisture, it should retain its natural consistency;
  • It shouldn’t break easily when pulled;
  • It must not fall or fall in large quantities;
  • It shouldn’t get very tangled;
  • Not too oily, but with natural luster and shine;
  • Absence of split ends;
  • Your scalp should be dandruff-free and healthy;
  • damage and hair breakage.

If your hair absorbs water immediately, water touches it (like a sponge), then it is quite dry. Hair that breaks easily when straightened or pulled is brittle. If it looks rough and doesn’t hold when you style it, this is a sign of dry brittle hair.

If your hair shows some of these unhealthy signs, don’t ignore them. If you have a lot of hair stuck in the comb every time you comb, this is another sign that your hair needs proper care. It could be a sign of thinning and not breaking.

What is the difference between thinning hair and brittle hair?

What is the difference between thinning hair and brittle hair?

Both thinning hair and brittleness are worrying, especially if you are young. However, the two are not the same. Brittle hair is usually associated with dry and easily broken hair, while hair thinning, as the name suggests, means that the hair loses weight or volume (i.e. the hair strands become thinner than usual).

On average, people have more than 100,000 strands of hair on their scalp, and it’s actually normal to lose a few strands (around 50-100 per day), especially when combing. But if you start losing more hair, check it out, your hair may be brittle.

You will notice that your hair begins to thin when you pull it into a ponytail and you will notice that the ponytail is no longer as full as it used to be. Hair thinning occurs more often as you get older.

Simple tips for treating brittle hair.

  • Here are some things you should do to improve your dry, brittle hair.

Make changes to his diet.

Did you know that what you eat affects every part of your body, including your hair? Making healthy dietary changes can help restore the shine and texture of your hair. Eat meals with lots of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. Support it with vitamins C and E.

Use hair products to limit the damage.

Use hair products to limit the damage.

When shopping for your hair products like shampoo and conditioner, opt for those that contain ingredients that nourish the hair. Using antioxidant moisturizing oils will also help restore the health of your hair.

Use a conditioning mask before shampooing.

Use a conditioning mask before shampooing.

Do a pre-shampoo treatment when you wash your hair. This may extend your time in the shower, but why not if it restores your hair to a normal state? You should and moisturize your hair.

Hair products with moisturizing ingredients are often better.

You should avoid products that contain certain ingredients such as sulfates and high concentrations of alcohol, as they can be harsh and dry out your hair. Instead, opt for those with ingredients like coconut oil, argan oil, and shea butter, which soothe the hair and rejuvenate the scalp.

Be careful with how you use your heat styling equipment.

Be careful with how you use your heat styling equipment.

Styling hair with hot tools like hot combs, hairdryers, etc. is common nowadays. Hairdressers can’t really do without these tools, but one should be careful about how to use them. Before using any of these products, make sure your hair is dry. Also, avoid hot styling in sunny and warm weather, as it can make the situation worse in already dry weather.

Natural Home Remedies To Try For Your Hair.

If you have dry brittle hair, in addition to the tips above, you can use natural home remedies to improve the health of your hair.

Use beer for hair care.

It is said that beer contains proteins that repair the hair cuticle and make hair shiny and supple. Spray a few drops on your hair and leave them on, just like you would with a conditioner.

Using the banana mask

Using the banana mask

The banana is high in potassium, which is rich in moisture, making it ideal for restoring brittle and dry hair. Mash a piece of banana or two and distribute it thoroughly through the hair, starting with the scalp. Leave on for about an hour, then rinse with lukewarm water.

With avocado paste.

With avocado paste.
  • Avocado is another nutritious fruit that can help improve hair structure.
  • The vitamins A, E, minerals, and saturated fatty acids contained in avocados help to strengthen and moisturize brittle and damaged hair.
  • Peel and puree a ripe avocado, mix with an egg and then apply to wet hair.
  • Leave on for about 20 minutes before rinsing.

Take the right nutritional supplements.

You should take some supplements to help restore your hair to its natural shine. Dietary supplements include vitamins A, C, E, biotin, omega-3, and iron supplements.

What are the causes of weak hair? Helpful tips.

What are the causes of weak hair

Weak and thinning hair is not only unsightly, but it is also difficult to manage. It is also prone to many problems like dead ends and split ends, which occur when the hair is damaged by heat or chemical applications.

One of the main causes of weak hair is a poor or unbalanced diet. But there may be other reasons as well, such as frequent use of a hairdryer or straightener, or products that contain harmful chemicals.

In this post, we will explore what causes weak hair and how to strengthen damaged and brittle hair to look more attractive and confident.

How can weak hair be diagnosed?

How can weak hair be diagnosed

Some women may not be aware that they have weak or dry hair. However, it is very important to address this issue because it can indicate a more serious underlying condition, such as a deficiency of certain nutrients in the body.

Hair loss can be a sign of weak hair, but it is more related to genes. So, if you find that you are losing your hair due to hair breakage, you are not a victim of natural hair loss.

Weak dry hair can be diagnosed by finding out if you have frequent dryness and dandruff or excessive oiliness. Also, if your hair falls out quickly, this can also be a sign of brittle hair. Another notable indicator of weakened hair is the appearance of split ends.

Split ends can be treated in a number of ways, including a haircut every two months or so.

It’s also important to use the right products when caring for your hair, and experts recommend using products that contain natural ingredients that are good for your hair, such as aloe vera, jojoba, coconut oil, olive oil, and chamomile.

It is also recommended to use shampoos that help keep the moisture in the hair instead of making it extremely dry. There are protein masks on the market that can come in handy for strengthening weak hair.

Remember that permanent hair damage is irreparable. Therefore, it is important to address this issue before it is too late.

What are the causes of weak hair?

What are the causes of weak hair?

Weak hair dry and brittle may have a genetic link, but progressive hair loss, split ends, and dull-looking hair mean we haven’t taken care of our hair.

Here are some of the known causes of weak hair or hair breakage and their associated conditions:

  • Deficiency of biotin (vitamin B7) and vitamin D;
  • Iron deficiency;
  • Calcium deficiency;
  • Hypothyroidism;
  • Emphasis;
  • Extreme dryness and uncontrolled dandruff;
  • Heat damage caused by the use of dryers and irons;
  • Professional hair straightening;
  • Frequent use of harsh shampoos;
  • Use of accessories that damage the hair;
  • Backcombing;
  • Coloring;
  • Consumption of alcohol and some prescription drugs.

Hair loss or fall is the first sign of weak hair. If the condition worsens over time and home remedies don’t work, it must be a nutrient deficiency. You need to see a doctor and have your vitamin and mineral levels checked, especially iron, vitamin D, and calcium. Stress can also prove detrimental to overall physical health, including the health of your hair, nails, and skin.

Dryness and dandruff weaken the roots and eventually cause hair loss, so the condition must be treated in time.

You also need to know how often you need to shampoo your hair. is once a week, daily, or twice a week. It mainly depends on your hair type and texture. For example, if you have oily hair, it is okay to wash your hair every day, but if you have dry hair, excessive washing will only make the condition worse.

Alcohol is bad for overall health and can therefore also be a cause of hair breakage. Reduce the consumption of alcohol and other foods that may be associated with hair loss or thinning. If the thyroid gland produces too little thyroid hormone, this can also be a cause of weak hair.

Some people take prescription medications for heart disease, high blood pressure, depression, and insomnia. They also have some hair loss.

The solution is to take care of your hair using some home remedies, massaging the oil, and avoiding professional flat irons and straighteners. If you decide to use hair dye, it is recommended to choose a color that is very similar to your natural hair color.

Tips for strengthening weak hair

Tips for strengthening weak hair

Start with a balanced diet that contains all of the essential nutrients. Protein, omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin C, iron, and zinc are particularly beneficial for hair growth.

Foods that can help strengthen weakened hair include eggs, fish, nuts and seeds, spinach, citrus fruits, liver, bananas, and sweet potatoes.

  • Effective stress management can help heal dry and damaged hair.
  • Wash and condition your hair with a mild shampoo and conditioner, preferably with natural ingredients.
  • Oil your hair regularly, especially before you shower.
  • Only dry your hair naturally and avoid using towels or hair dryers.
  • Avoid excessive brushing and use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair whenever possible.
  • Take food supplements with zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and folic acid after consulting your doctor.


One question that many women ask themselves is what causes weak hair. Since healthy, shiny hair looks beautiful and affects a woman’s appearance, every woman wants to get a grip on this problem.

The first step in choosing a remedy is to find out what is causing the problem. If it is related to a nutritional deficiency, you need to see a doctor and start taking supplements to correct the problem.

When your actions, such as If it involves blow-drying or ironing your hair too often, you will need to take action to treat the condition. Poor diet and avoiding foods that are good for hair growth are likely the leading causes of weak hair and can also exacerbate a lack of certain nutrients.

Regardless of the cause of thinning hair, it is important to diagnose the disease as early as possible in order to combat it in a timely manner.

Healthy hair is the crown of every woman!


Many people walk around with dry brittle hair. While this isn’t life-threatening, it is just wiser to keep your hair in healthy condition. You can manage this hair condition with a few changes in your diet, using the right hair products, and an appropriate hair routine.