How High Can a Cane Corso Jump? Can They Jump Fences?

Cane Corso Jump

Cane corso falls under the big dogs category, which might make one wonder how high they can jump. Cane corso are very friendly, loyal and love being active; this includes jumping around! Cane Corso can for a matter of fact jump as high as 6 feet!

How high can a cane corso jump?

How High Can a Cane Corso Jump

Cane Corso are athletic dogs and can jump as high as 6 feet. They are very territorial which makes them good guard dogs; no one can trespass in your yard. Although Cane Corso can jump very high, they do require assistance and proper training to do so.

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Do Cane Corsos jump?

Yes, Cane Corsos can jump. They are very energetic and playful dogs.  With proper training and assistance, they can jump as high as 6 feet. However, this does take a bit of patience and training to achieve.

How high can a cane corso puppy jump down?

cane corso puppy jump down

It is said that generally, dogs can jump 1/3 their height. Puppies will jump around when they are playing which might differ depending on how old they are.

It is recommended not to train your dogs to jump higher until they are at least 12 or 15 months old as their platelets are still growing.

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Is jumping bad for cane corso puppies?

Puppies naturally jump around when they are playing and as they grow older, they eventually jump higher.

Puppies need to be at least 12-15 months old before if you plan on training them to jump competitively or jump extreme heights.

Young puppies do not develop muscles until they are a bit older, which is around 12-15 months.

This means that they do not have cushions to land on when they jump high and may get injured because of the impact of landing making jumping bad for them.

Moreover, the growth platelets do not close until a puppy is a year old; jumping extreme heights during this growing period can cause dangerous and permanent damage.

How to train Cane Corso to jump higher?

You can teach your dog to jump higher yourself using household objects such as water bottles or even broomsticks. However, you can also use jump stands if you have access to them.

Something you need to keep in mind is that you should make sure your dog is healthy and old enough to start their training. Another thing to keep in mind is that make sure you’re not making them jump higher than they can or need to.

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You can train your dog by following the steps below:

Draw your dog over the object:

Firstly, you need to make your dog accustomed to the object you will be using to train them. To do this you need to keep the object as low as possible and lure your dog over it using a toy or food.

By doing this, you’re essentially telling your dog that they have to go over the object.

You go to the other side of the object and ask them to follow the toy and reward them when they do so. Remember, to make them go over to the other side as well.

Give a reward to your dog:

You will notice that when you’re luring your dog over the object, they are constantly shifting where they are looking.

To make them safely jump over the object, first get your dog excited about the jump and hold onto them.

Throw the toy or food onto the other side and then release them and tell them to go jump. This way they call jump over without any distractions and will bring back the toy to you; do this for both sides.

Call your dog to your side over the object:

Once you have trained your dog to wait, you can recall them to jump to the other side.

You do this by making them sit and you’re on the other side, you throw the toy onto your side and call them to that side so the dog can jump straight to that side.

Make sure you practice on both sides of the object.

Add a hand signal to the activity:

You can add a hand signal or say a word when your dog is jumping to cue that you want them to jump over.

You can even use both a hand signal as well as saying a cue word. Just like the first step, you will throw the toy across the object, but this time you will say jump and use your other free hand to signal your dog to jump.

This will take a little bit of time, but eventually, your dog will learn to do this without food or a toy.

Once your dog has successfully learned how to jump across the object, you will increase the height slowly and make them accustomed to that height and so on until they can jump higher than when they started.

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Do Cane Corsos jump fences?

Do Cane Corsos jump fences

Yes, Cane Corsos can jump over fences if they are left unattended. As they belong to a family of active dogs, they can easily jump over fences while playing.

Cane Corsos can jump as high as 6 feet, so if you have a short fence, they might likely jump across. However, you can overcome this easily by training your dog to stay within the perimeter.

How can I get my Cane Corso to stop jumping over the fence?

If you are worried about your dogs jumping over your fence, you can easily train them not to do so. Here are a few ways to teach your dog to stay inside your fence:

Boundary training:

For this training, you need to create a boundary around your fence using a wood line or fluorescent flags and also a leash and some food to teach your dog how far they can go.

What you have to do is, take your dog for a walk around your yard using a leash and let them explore. Once they are near the boundary, if they are at the spot where you think is okay, praise them and give them food.

If they cross over the boundary, you call their name to come back to you. Again as mentioned before, reward them when they’re on the boundary.

Using a long leash collar:

You can use a soft yet sturdy dog collar meant to keep your dog inside the yard. This will allow your dog to move freely around your ward while making sure they don’t wander off outside.

However, you have to make sure that the collar is made out of soft material which does not harm the dog’s neck and also that the cord or leash is long enough for the dog to walk around.  

Build a second layer of the fence:

You can build a wooden fence beyond your first fence which will not only protect your dog but also neighboring kids who might lure your dogs out.

You should keep in mind that the fence should be higher than 6 feet.

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Is a 4 foot fence high enough for a Cane Corso?

No, a 4-foot fence will not be high enough for a Cane Corso. Popular to belief, can corso can jump very high as much as 6 feet! They can easily climb over the fence and leave if they are unattended.

How tall does a Cane Corso fence need to be?

It is recommended to build a fence that is at least 6 feet taller. This is because cane corso can jump up to 6 feet. Of course, not all dogs will be able to jump that high. But if you get a fence that is 2-3 feet they can easily jump over it.

How do I get my Cane Corso to stop jumping on people?

Usually, dogs will exhibit this kind of behavior if they lack social contact or they are not getting enough exercise. 

They do this because they want to interact with people and get overly excited when they see people as a response to a lack of playing. So, you should first check if your cane corso is getting enough of both.

If you think your dog is getting an adequate amount of both, you can simply train them not to jump on people using the food reward technique.

If you bring food when your dog is jumping and overly excited to see you, you will notice that the dog’s behavior changes. This is because; there is something else that the dog can focus on!

You want your dog to sit, so what you do is give him/her a reward when he sits. You won’t be using any verbal commands; you give them when they sit on their own.

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When they do that, you can either use a clicker or say your marker word. You repeat this until they learn to do this without food.

It is best to keep in mind that just like any other dog, cane corso requires patience and love. With a little bit of patience and assistance, your dog can be trained.

They might need a little extra care and attention, but the results are worth it, you will be rewarded with a lifelong companion who loves you forever.

FAQs About Cane Corsos and Jumping

How high can a Cane Corso jump?

The jumping height can vary, but proper training can help manage and control their jumping behavior.

At what age should I start training my Cane Corso on jumping behavior?

Early training is beneficial. Start introducing basic commands and boundaries during puppyhood.

Can jumping lead to joint problems in Cane Corsos?

Excessive jumping, especially on hard surfaces, may pose a risk to joint health. Monitoring and regulating jumping activities is advisable.

What are some safe alternatives to jumping exercises?

Structured walks, interactive play, and obedience training provide alternatives for mental and physical stimulation.

Is it normal for Cane Corsos to jump when excited?

Excitement can trigger jumping behavior. Training can help manage and redirect this excitement appropriately.