Can Catahoulas Climb Trees? (All You Need to Know)

Catahoulas Climb Trees

Catahoula leopard dogs from Louisiana are active dogs that never rest. You see them jump, run, bounce, and climb. Most dogs cannot climb trees but many among them can be trained to do so. Catahoula leopards, in particular, can climb trees as well.

Can Catahoulas climb trees?

Can Catahoulas climb trees

The Louisiana Catahoula leopard is a dog breed that is full of energy and can climb trees without any struggle. Their ability to climb trees is mainly linked to their origin. Since they are hunting dogs, they carry the instinct to climb trees. Catahoula is also known to be an exceptional work dog.

Other than their breed instinct and what they carry in their genes, these dogs are so inquisitive and energetic that they would climb trees just out of enthusiasm. They are also motivated by challenges and hurdles, like a tall tree.

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Does Catahoulas climb trees?

There are a handful of dogs that have the ability to climb trees. Among few others, are Catahoula leopards. There are no particular physical features that reason why Catahoula’s climb trees.

However, the usual hunting instincts that have come to them through original breeding and their curiosity to overcome challenges make them great climbers of the tree.

Why do Catahoulas climb trees?

Why do Catahoulas climb trees

The reason your Catahoula leopard runs up to trees and climbs them as an expert may be due to the following reasons:

They get it from the breed tendency:

The Louisiana Catahoula breed is sometimes referred to as tree dogs because for generations before and ones to come, this breed has made themselves known to man for their tree-climbing abilities.

This breed gets its name from the originating Choctaw people habiting around the lake of Catahoula. If you have ever let your Catahoula free into a forest, you would be amazed to notice how well-adjusted they are to the woods.

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They would blend right in and climb up, down, and around the trees as if they have been living there. That is to say, Catahoula climb trees because of their breed’s tendency and instinct to do so.

Catahoula has strong hunting instincts:

Catahoula has strong hunting instincts

Whenever any dog, has the ability to climb up trees, the primary reason is often rooted down to the fact that they have hunting genes. This could be a Catahoula leopard but is also true for other dogs that show this ability to climb trees.

Originally, they were bred from a red wolf, mastiff, greyhound, and war dog as well. Since the first nation, people used red wolves for hunting, and early Catahoula were used to hunt wild boars, the instinct remains in this breed to this day.

Because of their need, desire, and drive to hunt prey in the woods, Catahoula’s ancestors are said to have climbed trees. This hunting drive is what makes them great climbers as well.

 Some say, that even when they have never trained their Catahoula, they are natural when it comes to ascending trees. These dogs originally used their hunger sense to hunt and go up to trees to wait for their dogs and signal others around.

They might see a motivation to get something:

Combined with their hunting and guarding instincts, Catahoula loves to challenge themselves wherever they are.

If you are playing with a Catahoula, you would be the one who could become tired at the end of the day, but not them. They are driven by incentives and focus on what they want.

You would also notice that they love to face and find challenges. If they notice something hung up on a tree, you can most likely expect them to run up to the tree, climb it, and get down.

This is also because they are encouraged and motivated by something they can achieve. Climbing a tree might just be another challenge they want to overcome.

Your Catahoula is energetic and curious:

When you look after a Catahoula, you know there is never a day when your Catahoula would laze around for the entire day.

This protective breed is a bundle of massive energy. They jump around, play all day, and mostly they require vigorous exercise daily. It’s almost like they have a charge store that never runs out.

Jumping trees for Catahoula is just another way of channeling this energy just like they love to jump over hoops and ropes. This is also why they love to be work dogs that do not have to stay idle.

Other than that, Catahoula is inquisitive in nature. This makes them go in rounds dig up holes and climb up trees. All that just to see if they find something out. Their curious nature also makes them intelligent and a vital part of search teams.

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They have been taught or trained:

By now you must already know that it is possible for you to train your dog just up to anything you want. Dogs are good learners, some faster than others.

If a Catahoula has been in a team of work dogs, they may have been trained to climb up trees. Since they already have the liking and instincts to climb up trees, it becomes quite easy for them to catch up on the training.

How to teach a Catahoula to climb trees?

If your dog is physically weak, old, or too small in size, you should never want to train it to climb a tree. If your Catahoula is fit, here’s how you can get them to do a bit of mounting:

Training of carrying out commands:

At first, you’ll have to let them get used to the basic training of carrying out commands and languages such as “up” “get up” or “get down”. A few regular sessions during playtime would suffice.

Start commanding:

Start commanding them to climb shorter heights. Teach them how to maintain pace and keep safe as they climb down.

Start with a small tree:

Next, take your dog up to a tree that is no more than 10 feet. Thicker trees are always better for training in the beginning.

Point your finger:

Now, you’ll have to point your finger and eyes to the tree you want them to climb and most positively, give them the command. You can use encouraging gestures and words to be clearer.

Praise and motivate:

Once they climb down, applaud them to let them know they’ve done well. You can also give them treats once in s a while. Since Catahoula likes motivation, a squirrel at the top of the tree branch can be a good motivation.

Can Catahoula leopard dogs jump high?

If you have a Catahoula at home, you are already aware of how energetic a Catahoula can be. Oftentimes a lot of people owning a Catahoula complain about how difficult it is to keep up with their jumping habits especially if there is a fence around.

Catahoula can jump and they have jumped considerable heights. Although how high they can jump would depend on a number of factors. If they are fit, young, and have been used to jumping, they would bounce up and down even during fetching balls.

They jump a lot more when they are younger.

Do Catahoulas jump fences?

You may want to know that most dogs are not capable of jumping fences that are as high as 6 feet tall. However, the case is not the same with a Catahoula.

Catahoulas are active dogs who love to bounce about and jump fences no matter how high they are. If there is a fence around them, they start to jump over it even when they are a puppy.

That is why many Catahoula leopard owners worry that their dog might jump over the house fence easily and end up on the road.

Are Catahoula leopard dogs athletic?

Are Catahoula leopard dogs athletic

Catahoula leopard dogs are active, spirited, and one of the most athletic dogs that you would come around. These dogs strive when they are made to work and sitting idle or cuddling all day is just not their cup of tea.

Originally bred to be a hunting partner, this breed used to be companions of humans wanting to hunt wild boars or hogs. With that development, to this day Catahoula leopards feel best when they are active, working, or playing.

When there is a lack of exercise, a Catahoula may become irritated, more stubborn, and start to behave aggressively.

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Are Catahoulas stubborn?

One of the many traits that Catahoula is known for is its stubbornness and the tendency to become assertive and dominating when required. They would do what their heart desires which can be quite difficult to control at times.

That is precisely why it is important to train and socialize a Catahoula from the time when they are a puppy.

Are Catahoulas hard to train?

Are Catahoulas hard to train

Catahoula is easy to train if the technique used to train them is right. Usually, Catahoula leopards are well receptive to training and can learn quickly to execute what you have taught them.

In order to make sure that your Catahoula takes in the training effectively, you’ll have to make sure that any training session is short and calm. You don’t want to rush anything or be aggressive during the training.

Final Thoughts:

As hunting and working dogs, the Catahoula leopard can be an active dog who loves to climb trees. These dogs are mostly able to climb trees naturally, but they can also be trained to do so. Thanks to their hunting instincts and love for motivation to work, they require little training for it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can all Catahoulas climb trees?

Climbing behavior varies among individual Catahoulas. While some may show a natural inclination, others may need encouragement and training.

  1. How can I train my Catahoula to climb trees safely?

Introduce specific commands, use positive reinforcement, and create a safe climbing environment. Monitor the dog’s behavior and provide supervision during climbing sessions.

  1. Are there specific breeds known for tree climbing?

While Catahoulas may exhibit climbing behaviors, there isn’t a specific breed exclusively known for tree climbing. Individual dogs, regardless of breed, may show interest in this activity.

  1. Is tree climbing safe for Catahoulas?

Safety depends on factors such as tree height and the dog’s comfort. Owners should assess potential risks, provide supervision, and ensure a safe climbing environment.

  1. What other activities can I engage my Catahoula in for mental stimulation?

Catahoulas thrive on mental stimulation. Activities like puzzle toys, obedience training, and interactive games can keep them engaged and mentally active.