Can Catahoula Leopard Dogs Swim or Like Water? (Answered)

Can Catahoula Leopard Dogs Swim or Like Water

You must have watched distinct breeds of dogs liking water activities and being great swimmers. This can lead you to think about your Catahoula Leopard’s preference towards the water and swimming capability.

Then typically, you would want to know the rationales regarding the common query, “Can Catahoula Leopard dog swim or like water?” So, let’s look deeper to learn the answers to this question. 

Can Catahoula Leopard Dogs Swim? 

Can Catahoula Leopard Dogs Swim

Catahoula Leopards not only can skillfully swim but also like water. It’s because they were bred for tracing, chasing, and catching wild hogs from swamps and other water bodies. So the body features of Catahoula Leopards were adapted to make them born swimmers and ideal water dogs. 

Catahoula Leopards are the official state dog of Louisiana. It’s bred as a versatile dog breed for navigating, running, and hunting wild hogs through the swampy terrain and other water bodies of Louisiana state.

So, the body features of Catahoula Leopards including ears, tails, feet, and coats are adapted suitably for Catahoula to be an ideal water dog and a natural excellent swimmer. 

Thence, it’s a clear indication that most Catahoula Leopards are well-fitted for the water and are competent swimmers.

Besides, “Catahoula” means “sacred lake” in the Choctaw language, so this somewhat indicates Catahoula’s’ natural relation with water and their capability in water activities. 

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Do Catahoula Leopard Dogs Like To Swim?

Catahoula Leopards were bred as water-retriever dogs, meaning dogs that can navigate through water and catch prey. So it’s inevitable for Catahoula Leopards to like swimming because knowing and fondness towards swimming is the main trait of a water retriever dog. 

Catahoula Leopards were developed to fulfill the purposes of a water retriever dog and to be a companion of wild hog hunters.

Thence, they bred Catahoulas with much strength and swimming ability to chase after and catch wild hogs by swimming through water bodies and swamps. So, due to being developed with an inclination towards swimming, Catahoulas like swimming. 

Do Catahoula Dogs Like Water? 

Being born as a water dog breed, it’s in Catahoula Leopard’s genes that they are going to love water immensely. 

Besides, they are a super active and energetic dog breed that requires strenuous exercises to lose unused energy, therefore, they take water activities like swimming as an active exercise which makes Catahoulas like water.  

However, know that even though Catahoula leopards make ideal water dogs, there are always some exceptions. Some Catahoula Leopard dogs may not get intimidated instantly by water, so they will hesitate to get into water even though they are water dogs.

In such cases, deal with them patiently and never rush to teach them like water or swimming. 

Are Catahoula Leopard Dogs Good Swimmers? 

From ears, coat, feet, to tail, everybody feature of Catahoula Leopard is adapted in such a manner that naturally makes these dogs born swimmers. So undoubtedly Catahoula Leopards make competent swimmers. 

Catahoula Leopards are a single and short-coated breed which means they can swim easily through the swamps and water bodies without worrying about their coat. 

Catahoulas have a long and strong tail which helps them to trace, steer, and to stay easily on course. 

Catahoulas also have floppy, droopy ears that cover their ear canal while swimming and prevent water from going inside the ear canals. 

The most significant body feature of Catahoula is their webbed feet which only make Catahoulas skilled swimmers but also help them to get extra traction. 

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How Do I Train My Catahoula Leopard Dog To Like Water? 

How Do I Train My Catahoula Leopard Dog To Like Water

As mentioned before, some Catahoula Leopards may not like water as others, so if you have gotten such a Catahoula, you can follow the given ways to make him like water. 

Make Bath time Fun: 

When your Catahoula is just resisting going into the water, you can use his bath time as a part of his water training. During bath time, a Catahoula gets acquainted with water, so making it fun and remarkable will help him start liking water. 

Begin Training With A Kids Pool: 

To give your Catahoula an experience of a vast water body and to make him like water, start with a kiddie pool and begin this process slowly and steadily.

Kiddie pools are more spacious than bathtubs, then, you can play various water games such as the “fetch the toy” game in a kids pool with your Catahoula. Games and activities will encourage him to like water.

Encourage With Treats: 

Treats work as a good motivator for any dog. So you can lure your Catahoula with his favorite treats. For example, you can throw treats in the kiddie pool and let him fetch it. Or you can feed him treats if he shows great skills in adapting to water bodies. 

Invite Another Water Dog Friend: 

Dogs often imitate what other dogs do, so you can invite some other water-loving dogs and let them play with your Catahoula.

When he will sell other dogs to jump on kiddie pools/pools, enjoying bath time and water games, your Catahoula also will join them and will start liking water bodies. 

How Do You Introduce Your Catahoula Leopard Dog To Swimming?

Start with a shallow water body or a kiddie pool to introduce your Catahoula Leopard dog to swimming. Because relatively vast yet shallow water will offer your Catahoula an experience of bigger water bodies plus will reduce his fear. 

Or else, you can introduce your Catahoula to swimming through various games as well where he is required to swim and fetch toys/treats from the water. This will help him keep balance and paddle underwater on his own. Eventually, he will get acquainted with swimming. 

But remember to introduce swimming to your Catahoula at an early age and maintain a constant process. 

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How To Train A Catahoula Leopard Dog To Swim?

How To Train A Catahoula Leopard Dog To Swim

The steps to train a Catahoula Leopard dog to swim have been deciphered here.

Make Acquainted With Water: 

The first step of teaching your Catahoula to swim is making him well-acquainted with the water body so that he can start liking water before he starts actual swimming training. 

Therefore, start the training with a kids pool and under your supervision patiently encourage your Catahoula to take the lead and enter into the water first. And let him get well-familiar with water.

Increase Water Height:

In the next step, when you feel that your Catahoula has gotten well familiar with water, gradually increase the water level of the pool to a few inches. And then attract him to go deeper in the water by tossing some of his favorite toys in the water and lure him with treats to fetch those from the water using his own pace. 

Give Support To His Body: 

Next, you must support your Catahoula’s underbelly by holding it with your hands once he has gotten comfortable in deep water. Your support will help him to keep his body position flat and to learn moving legs to paddle while swimming. 

You can make your Catahoula wear a life vest too. It will support his underbelly in the water as well as teach him to keep his body position flat and paddle on his own while swimming. And the fear of water will vanish too from his mind. 

Gradually Remove Support: 

Upon noticing that your Catahoula has learned to balance his body and can paddle on his own, remove support. It will allow him to swim all alone without any fear. 

Also, increase the practice time gradually than before so that he can practice more and get better. 

Teach Him To Take Exit: 

Lastly and most importantly, teach your Catahoula to take an exit by calling his name and with the help of a dog leash. Also, make him recognize the stairs/sides of the pool/water bodies from where he can enter and exit while swimming. 

Should I Throw My Catahoula Leopard Dog In The Water?

Should I Throw My Catahoula Leopard Dog In The Water

You should never toss your Catahoula Leopard dog in the water to learn to swim on his own.

Because it can tighten his fear of water even more, it can also endanger his life as he doesn’t know how to swim and take an exit from the water. So don’t ever do that and give your Catahoula a troublesome time.

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Why Does My Catahoula Leopard Freak Out When I Swim?

Not just Catahoulas but any other dog can assume water as a dangerous/scary thing, then, when you will be swimming, your Catahoula can freak out to see it because he is anxious about your well-being.

So it’s just a natural way for Catahoulas to show worry and a means of communication to alert you about danger. 

How Do I Train My Catahoula Leopard Dog Not To Jump In The Pool?

Teach your Catahoula Leopard command words such as “leave it”, “sit”, “stay”, etc. while portraying similar situations as jumping into pools.

So whenever he is getting excited to jump in the pool, use the command words and redirect him so that he leaves the idea of jumping in pools. 

Do Catahoulas Like Baths?

Do Catahoulas Like Baths

Since Catahoulas are water dogs, they really don’t hesitate to go in the water and prefer taking baths.

But there surely are some Catahoulas that may not like water, and neither will like taking baths. So in these cases, try to make them like water/bath so that they don’t interrupt while bathing. 

Final Thoughts: 

Catahoulas are born as water dogs, so they are naturally bound to like water. Also, their characteristics as water retriever dogs and exotic body features made Catahoulas capable of being excellent swimmer dogs. This means inherently Catahoulas have genes of competent swimmer dogs and they can swim.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do all Catahoula Leopard Dogs enjoy swimming?

While individual preferences vary, many Catahoulas exhibit a natural affinity for swimming. Proper introduction and positive reinforcement can enhance their comfort in water.

  1. Can Catahoulas swim in pools?

Yes, Catahoulas can swim in pools. However, owners should ensure proper supervision, and some Catahoulas may need a gradual introduction to pool environments.

  1. Are Catahoula Leopard Dogs good at water sports?

Catahoulas often excel in water sports due to their natural abilities and intelligence. They can participate in activities like dock diving, retrieving, and agility competitions.

  1. What safety measures should be taken when swimming with Catahoulas?

Owners should supervise their Catahoulas during water activities, use life jackets when necessary, and provide a safe and controlled environment for swimming.

  1. Can Catahoulas swim in cold water?

Catahoulas can swim in cold water, but owners should be mindful of the temperature and duration of the activity to prevent issues like hypothermia.

  • Do Catahoula leopard dogs swim?

Catahoulas have webbed paws and are suited to playing in water. They should be introduced to water from an early age so they can enjoy water throughout their lives. It’s a great place for exercise and fun and another way to keep your puppy busy.