Can Akitas Handle Cold Weather? (10 Explained and Quick Facts)

Akita Handle Cold Weather

Some dogs prefer staying in warm weather and some in cold weather. Because the place they were born in determines what kind of weather is suitable for them to live in comfortably.

So, this raises a question about whether they can handle cold weather or not. Akitas seem to like cold weather more than hot weather. 

One common question among prospective Akita owners is, “Can Akitas Handle Cold Weather?” In this article, the topic regarding Akitas capability of bearing cold weather is going to be answered in this article. 

Can Akitas Handle Cold Weather? 

Can Akitas Handle Cold Weather

Akita dogs can handle cold weather comfortably and in a very well manner. Because Akitas originated from northern Japan’s cold, mountainous, rugged island named Honshu. So, they are well-fitted and habituated to living in cold weather. In fact, Akitas are more fond of cold weather than hot weather.

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How Cold Can Akitas Stand?

Akitas can stand cold up to -30 degrees Fahrenheit. Akitas hail from the cold mountainous Japanese island Honshu, so they have originated the cold bearing capability by born.

It’s known that animals naturally gain the adaptability to tolerate nature and the weather they are born in. Therefore, they are never seen to be bothered by cold weather.

Even, if a proper shelter is built for them, Akitas will comfortably manage to live outside even at -30 degrees Fahrenheit. 

What Temperature Is Too Cold For Akitas?

Below -20 degrees Fahrenheit or -12 degrees Celsius is considered too cold for Akitas. Due to being born in the cold mountainous island Akitas have adapted to the temperature of the cold places.

Therefore, they have become cold-resistant and can manage to stay some time at -20°F or -12°C. 

However, below this temperature is actually too cold to stand for Akitas. Even if some adult Akitas somehow manage to live, it can prove really harmful to their overall health.

Especially, Akita’s ears and paws will suffer from the most vulnerability from too much cold temperature. Their body parts also can get frostbitten if they are left to stay below -20°F/-12°C. 

Therefore, it’s suggested for Akita owners that no matter how adaptable your Akita seems to be below -12°C, never let him stay outside and protect him with dog’s clothing. 

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Do Akitas Like The Cold?

Akitas are fond of cold weather. In fact, they like to take a walk and play in the snow. Their fondness towards the cold weather is inherited naturally. Because this breed’s ancestors hailed from the cold, frosty, mountainous northern Japan’s island named Honshu.

So their ancestors were born and brought up staying and playing in cold weather and they have passed this legacy in their future generations too. And this absolutely makes sense that today’s Akitas also like the cold. 

Another fact is, dogs are adaptable to the weather they live in. Their past generations have comfortably managed to withstand the harsh snowy and windy cold of Japanese mountains. New-generation Akitas also have learned to like the cold.  

Can Akitas Stay Outside In Winter? 

Akitas can stay outside in the winter up to -30°F if a cold-resistant, suitable shelter is built for them. And even at -12°F, they can even manage to stay outside for some time in winter.

However, they never should be left outside at such a low temperature as it can cause many health problems. 

Typically, Akitas are susceptible to cold weather due to being born in the intensely cold weather of the Japanese island Honshu. Also, nature has blessed them with a thick double coat and webbed toes.

So, they are well accommodated to cold weather and comfortably can stay outside. The double coat protects and keeps Akitas warm in cold weather in winter. Therefore, it’s manageable for Akitas to stay outdoors in winter. 

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What Can Be Done To Protect Akita From The Cold? 

Akitas for sure are one of the most adaptable breeds to cold weather. However, they need protection from cold weather. Protecting them begins with keeping Akitas warm in the cold weather. 

As an Akita owner, you must ensure that snows are wiped off with a dry towel from your Akita’s body as soon as he comes home after a walk or playing. Also, brush and groom their coat regularly to keep it clean.

If you let him sleep outside in the cold, make sure that his dog shelter is cold-resistant and gives him maximum protection. If not, then you must bring him to stay inside on cold winter days and nights.

And, if your Akita is an indoor dog then give him dog clothes to keep warm on cold days. 

Moreover, give him nutritious foods to strengthen his immunity so that he can prepare himself to endure cold. Also, nutritious food helps to build a layer of fat underneath the skin that helps to keep your Akita’s body warm. 

Lastly, try to keep him on a dog leash. Though it is not cold-related since Akitas are fond of cold they might try to get in the snow and play. Besides, in the cold, they can’t smell so if they get lost, it would be a trouble to find them. So, staying on a dog leash they can’t run away. 

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How To Keep Your Akita Dog Warm? 

Keeping your Akita dog warm in cold weather is a must. Otherwise, they can catch many diseases due to staying cold.  Some of them can be severely harmful to their health.  Therefore, to keep your Akita dog warm some effective ways have been given below.

Allow Your Dog To Acclimate  

Not all Akitas can adjust to cold weather. So, give him some time to acclimate to cold weather first. In the beginning, let him spend a very short time in the cold, once he starts tolerating it slowly increases the time.

And let him learn to keep himself warm naturally. As they have inherited the ability to adjust to cold weather, gradually your Akita will be capable of keeping him warm with the help of his double coat. 

Feed Him Nutritious Food 

Nutritious, well-balanced, and good-quality food is a must for your Akita in the winter season. Healthy food will boost his immunity and that will help him build a body that can easily tolerate cold weather. 

Moreover, nutritious food helps to create a layer of body fat underneath their skin which naturally can help your Akita to keep his body warm. 

Make Him Exercise 

Exercise has its importance in every phase of Akita’s life. Make your Akita exercise in cold weather too. Exercise actually can help to keep his body warm as while exercise body circulates more blood cells. 

Waterproof Warm Coat And Boots

If you want to take your Akita dog for a walk in cold snowy weather then make sure to make him wear a lightweight yet durable and waterproof warm coat for dogs. Also, waterproof boots for dogs are another essential thing that you must make him wear to protect his paws. 

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Make His Dog House Warm Enough 

If you are letting your Akita stay outside in the cold, you must make his dog house warm and cozy enough. Make his shelter cold-resistant and make it cozy by placing hay or a blanket underneath.

Keep warm food and drinks for him to eat. And if the temperature goes down below zero, bring him home. 

How To Tell If Your Akita Has Hypothermia?

By noticing the dropping body temperature of Akita dogs you can easily comprehend that your Akita has hypothermia. 

When an Akita is suffering from hypothermia you will see his body temperature is falling below 100° F.

And he will start shivering. His skin will seem faded with no life in it. His heart and breathing rate will be low than usual. While walking may even stumble and his body will lose all energy. 

Hypothermia affected Akita’s muscles will seem frigid too. And if the situation gets worse, the dog either will have fixed and dilated pupils or he will faint. 

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Remember that Hypothermia is a very common disease that is seen in Akitas quite often. As they can bear cold weather so, they are frequently seen staying outside in the cold. Staying in excessive cold causes hypothermia in Akitas. So try to keep them inside. 

At What Temperature Do Akita Dogs Get Hypothermia?

At below 100° Fahrenheit body temperature, Akitas get affected with hypothermia. 

Normally, the Akita dog’s body temperature remains between 101.5-102.5°F/ 38.5-39.2°C. If its body temperature goes below 100°F, for instance, if the temperature falls to 90-95°F/32-35°C it means the Akita is suffering from hypothermia.

But in this body temperature, hypothermia is considered as a mild one. 

However, if the body temperature of an Akita dog drops below 84° F/ 28°C, it’s considered severe hypothermia and it can be life-threatening.  

What Are The First Signs Of Hypothermia? 

Akitas indeed can tolerate cold weather. But too much cold can bring only suffering for them and hypothermia is one of them. It’s a very serious winter disease and can even be life-threatening for Akitas. 

Therefore, to make you understand whether your Akita has hypothermia or not, the first signs that signify hypothermic are given below. 

  • Your Akita’s body temperature will fall below 100°F.
  • He will shiver uncontrollably 
  • His skin undercoat will turn pale 
  • Lack of energy and tiredness 
  • Muscles will appear stiff
  • He may suffer from low blood pressure 
  • Slow and shallow breathing

*And if his pupils seem fixed, dilated he is already in severe condition*

Akitas being born and brought up in the chilly weather of northern Japanese mountainous islands. made them tolerant to cold weather. However, you must never let your Akita stay outside in extremely cold weather for too long.

Conclusion: Can Akitas Handle Cold Weather

In conclusion, Akitas are well-suited to handle cold weather, thanks to their natural adaptations and double coats. Responsible owners play a crucial role in supporting their Akitas’ well-being by providing proper winter care, monitoring for signs of discomfort, and fostering a loving environment.

FAQs About Akitas and Cold Weather

Can Akitas live in extremely cold climates?

Akitas can adapt to colder climates, but proper care and attention to their well-being are essential.

What signs indicate that my Akita is too cold?

Signs include excessive shivering, seeking warmth indoors, and lifting paws due to discomfort.

Do Akitas enjoy playing in the snow?

Many Akitas enjoy playing in the snow, but individual preferences may vary.

Is it necessary to bathe my Akita in winter?

Bathing frequency depends on the dog’s activities, but excessive bathing in winter should be avoided to preserve natural oils in the coat.

How can I protect my Akita’s paws in cold weather?

Protective booties can help shield your Akita’s paws from cold surfaces and potential hazards in winter.

Are Akitas okay in cold weather?

Yes, Akitas generally loves snow. Their thick double coat provides insulation and protection from the cold, allowing them to be comfortable in snowy environments. However, as with any dog, it is important to monitor their time outside in extreme weather conditions to ensure their safety and well-being.