Best Dog Bed For Dogs That Shed [This Is The One To Get!]

Best Dog Bed For Dogs That Shed

Dog shedding [1] is undoubtedly one of the main problems faced by a lot of dog owners. In fact, it can lead to some cleanliness and health issues if not well taken care of.

This was an issue I wasn’t aware of before I became a dog parent some years back.

My German Shepherd sheds year-round and I can tell you first-hand that it’s been an unpalatable experience.

Honestly, she’s a shedding machine!

She used to sleep in my bed and the amount of hair I’d have was ridiculous. Having been aware of the effects pet hair can have on humans like allergies, I decided it was high time I got her a bed.

Unfortunately, the bed I got her was not hair resistant nor easy to clean or brush off most of the hair. So, I thought I should ask a few friends who had previously had the same issues.

I had a few recommendations from them and I bought and used some which I really like and I’ll be reviewing them here.

So without much ado, let’s dive right in!

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Comparison Table of Best Dog Beds for Shedding

Apart from being fur-resistant and/or easy to clean, the table below shows some other features the beds have that you may like and consider.

Review of the 8 Best Dog Beds for long-haired dogs

1. Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed

This is the first product I’d be recommending to anyone looking for a bed for their hairy dog any day. It’s one bed that’s given me and my dog great joy.

The bed cover is hair-resistant, which prevents my dog’s hair from sticking to it. Believe me, only a few dog beds have this feature.

That’s not all, talking about comfort, this bed ticks the box. My golden retriever can sleep on it all day. The construction is solid and human-grade.

It’s not one of those beds that get flattened after a while. The foam comes right back up immediately my dog gets up from it. I’ve been using it for a while and I can confirm that it’s durable.

If you have a hairy dog that’s also arthritic, then you’re in for a deal! Being an orthopedic bed, it provides much comfort for joint and hip pains. It’s so soft but thick, and if your dog has just had surgery, it’s going to make it his comfort spot.

Another feature that makes it great for hairy dogs is its ease of cleaning. The cover can be removed easily off the bed without hassles and is machine-washable.

I prefer to wash it manually but if you are going to use a machine, I’ll recommend using mild settings. After much washing, the cover hasn’t shrunk, and you’ll be able to put it back on easily.

2. Dogbed4less Memory Foam Dog Beds

bed with dog bed

Another bed for your hairy dog is this product from Dogbed4less. It’s a memory foam dog bed that’s also hair-resistant. Hair or fur can’t stick to it no matter how much the dog sheds. The bed has 2 covers over it; the outer and the inner one.

For the outer cover, there are a few material types you can select from. I chose the ballistic one and it’s super durable. It holds on from being damaged by dogs that tear.

The inner cover adds a waterproof feature to the bed to prevent any liquid from sinking in case your dog has an accident. It’s also zippered so you can remove it easily for washing.

Another great thing I like about this bed is its cooling feature. If you have a hot-natured dog, it does an okay job providing cooling relief.

But if you need extra cooling for your dog especially if he pants a lot, I’ll recommend getting a cooling pad and placing it on the bed.

It’s 4 inches high and always stays up once your dog comes off it. It’s also a great option for older dogs with arthritic problems.

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3. PetFusion Ultimate CertiPUR-US Orthopedic Dog Bed

dog bed for bed

This product is another great bed for dogs that shed. One thing I like about this bed is the ease of cleaning it. No matter how much your dog sheds, it’s going to be almost as new after washing it.

Vigorous washing is not required, and neither do you need to vacuum clean it. Soft washing will do.

The bed is very sturdy and provides much comfort for your dog. I like how the bed is constructed, it’s very bulky and will hold up for a very long time.

Its surrounding bolsters provide additional comfort for your pet. Wouldn’t surprise me if your dog sleeps on it all day.

I must point out that the bolsters are also of great quality. Even after washing, they are still going to maintain their shape. Both the bed and bolster covers are removable.

The bed has an external water-resistant cover and a waterproof inner liner in case your pet has an accident. The bolster’s cover is not waterproof though.

The foam is dense enough and can provide much comfort for your dog if he has joint problems. Sleeping on the bed yourself, you could feel the support and relief your dog would be getting.

4. JOYELF Orthopedic Dog Bed with Memory Foam

Best Dog Bed For Dogs That Shed

I’d call this bed a paradise for your pet. The first thing that I got attracted to was the design.

You could put it beside several beds and it with distinctly stand out. It comes with a bone-shaped squeaker toy to get your dog glued to his bed.

It’s not as hair-resistant as the previous beds I reviewed above but you can easily spot hair whenever your dog sheds.

Once you found some hair, you can remove it by washing the cover. The cover is removable and machine-washable to make hair removal easy.

I quite like the bolsters, it’s so fluffy and make your dog more comfortable in it. Besides that, it does a job of any good bolster which is to soothe and relieve neck and back pains. The bolster cover is removable as well in case you want to clean it.

At the bottom of the bed is an anti-slip feature for your dog’s safety.

5. Furhaven Therapeutic Dog Bed (Sofa Style)

Dog Bed

Furhaven Therapeutic Dog Bed is another great choice. It comes with a 7-inch thick foam that is of high quality.

This bed also doesn’t come short of comfort. The foam is dense and sturdy and it provides comfort to joint pains and relieves pressure points.

The L-shaped bolsters (like that of a sofa) provide extra comfort for the neck and back.

The cover can be easily removed and cleaned from furs, drool, and dirt. It’s machine-washable as well as using a gentle cycle.

It has an inner water-resistant liner in case your pet is still undergoing potty training

It’s perfect for large breed dogs because it’s very spacious and your dog can snooze away the way he wants.

6. BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

The barksbar orthopedic bed is a comfortable bed that is also cool for your hairy friend. It comes with a 4-inch high-grade egg crate foam to give your dog the snuggly experience.

The foam is dense and holds up well. The egg crate toppers allow for more airflow and prevent bedsores. Reduces joint pain and improves health & mobility for older dogs.

The bolsters are well cushioned to give just that extra comfort when your dog props up his head on it.

While the bed is not fur-resistant, it’s easy to spot hairs, furs, or dirt. It’s even easier to clean and wipe off the hair and you can use a vacuum as well.

Both sections of the bed i.e. the foam and bolsters section are zippered which allows for easy removal of the cover on both sections.

The covers are machine-washable using a gentle cycle but you should let it air dry to preserve the durability of the fabric.

7. Hero-Dog Washable Dog Bed

This bed by Hero-Dog is another choice that I really like because of its shed/pill resistance and is awesome for your hairy dog.

Unlike other beds/pads, very limited or even no hair sticks to the fabric. In the rare case that you find very few hairs, it shakes off easily or uses a quick vacuum.

Worthy of note that it’s a thin pad that you can consider using in crates or kennels and also has an anti-slip, non-skid feature.

At approximately 1 inch, you can see it is not super thick but it’s soft and padded to make your pet feel comfortable.

Despite the mat’s thinness, it can carry enough weight for your dog, so it’s not going to sink in the middle. It’s foldable as well and be put in a briefcase for easy transportation.

The whole bed is machine washable. Simply wash in cold water and use a gentle cycle with delicate dry settings.

Vacuuming is also another option if you don’t want to wait for the mat to dry.

8. Pet Craft Supply Calming Durable Dog Bed (Indoor / Outdoor)

therapeutic dog

Last but not least is the product from Pet Craft Supply. Apart from being a good choice for dog shedding problems, it’s also a super comfortable dog bed.

It’s cushy and the extra padding will make it a comfort zone for your dog.

The reason I’m recommending this product is that it’s also easy to clean and remove hair stuck to it. Though the cover is not removable, the whole bed is machine washable and would not lose its shape after wash.

Just as with most beds, you’ll need to wash it in cold water use gentle/delicate settings and air dry it.

The bed cover is made from a sturdy, durable, UV-treated, fade and water-resistant fabric.

This makes it usable both indoors and outdoors. It comes in 2 sizes; medium and large depending on the size of your dog.

What to Look for in a Dog Bed that is Good for Shedding

As I mentioned in the intro section, dog shedding can be an issue especially when it is excess. We love our pets but don’t want to see balls of puppy fluff stuck to the furniture inside the room or our dress before a dinner date.

So choosing a bed that’s perfect for hairy pets is the right step to take to at least reduce pet hair in our home. Here are the criteria to help you get the best choice for your furry friend.

  • Shedding or Pill resistance. Actually, not so many beds have this feature. In fact, I’ve only come across a few beds that are hair-resistant. This is the main feature you should be looking out for when shopping for a bed for your hairy friend.
  • Removable and washable: Since most dogs shed continuously, you should be looking for a bed that has its cover removable and machine washable. You don’t want to be washing the whole bed every time your dog sheds, so washing just the cover would do to preserve the bed and make it last longer. Also, the cover should be machine washable. Washing manually can be stressful at times, hence the need for compatibility of being used in a washing machine
  • Cover fabric material: Due to frequent washing, you want to make sure the bed cover is made from durable materials that can withstand numerous washings and tumbling inside the machine. Another thing to check is the quality of the zippers used. Some break easily after some tumblings in the machine. So, you want to make sure it’s of great quality.
  • Comfort: If your dog is hairy and sheds, one thing you’d hope for is that he spends more time on his bed. There’s more possibility of it if your dog feels comfy in it. A good comfortable bed should be well-padded, cushioned, and soft. An extra feature you can also consider is bolsters to relieve any neck pain

Closing words…

Having read our picks of the best dog beds for hairy dogs, it’s your choice to choose the one that best fits your needs. The Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed tops the list being a hair-resistant dog bed, the huge comfort it provides, and its solid construction. Another product that follows closely and you could consider is the Dogbed4less Memory Foam Dog Beds.